How are Daycares Supposed to Feed Children in Texas?

If you’re sending your kids to daycare, you may be wondering – what is the daycare supposed to do when it comes to feeding my kids? Today, we’re going to break down basic daycare regulations and requirements for feeding kids and what that means for parents.

9 Things Daycares in Texas Must Do to Feed Kids Safely

In Texas, there are 9 minimum standards related to feeding:

  1. Kids must get all their regular meals and snacks throughout the day. This means that caregivers cannot skip serving food.
  2. Meals and snacks must follow meal patterns set out by the USDA and Adult Care Food Program, also called the CACFP.
  3. Daycares must not allow a child to go more than three hours without a meal or snack being offered unless the child is sleeping.
  4. There must be enough food for the child to get a second helping from the vegetable, fruit, grain, and milk groups.
  5. Daycares need to ensure there is a supply of clean and sanitary drinking water
  6. Drinks with added sugars, like soda and juices, should not be given to kids unless for a special occasion, like a holiday or birthday party.
  7. Food should never be used as a reward or withheld for punishment.
  8. Children with allergies should never be served food that they are allergic to, which will be outlined in their allergy emergency plan.
  9. A daycare may never force a child to eat.

Daycares must adhere to these guidelines to ensure the kids in their care are being properly fed. Cutting corners on these guidelines can affect the child's development and create other lasting issues. And if you notice your child is coming home hungry or thirsty from daycare, there could be more going on, like neglect and abuse.

How to Contact The Button Law Firm if You Have More Questions About Daycare Regulations

If you have more questions about your child’s meal and snack requirements at daycare, be sure to reach out to us.

We offer a free guide, 10 Tips for Finding a Safe Daycare, to help parents have the tools to choose the right facility for their child. Be sure to download it using this link. Our team is experienced in holding daycares across Texas accountable to make sure kids are kept healthy and safe while in their care. Contact us today.

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