Drownings are a real and scary threat to anyone taking a day to go out on the water. Learn from our Texas boating accident attorney what the most common reasons for drowning are and how to spot them.

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Seventy percent of boating fatalities in Texas were due to drowning. Drowning is a scary and common cause of death in boating negligence cases. It can happen in a matter of seconds and usually, it's caused when a boat wrecks and capsizes or someone falls off. Boat owners are supposed to follow rules to help prevent drownings. First, the person or company operating the boat must make sure the number of lifejackets matches the number of people. If they don't have enough, they need to limit the number of people that will be on board. Drowning deaths from not having enough life jackets should never happen. Additionally, drowning can be caused by boat owners' disregard for safety. For example, driving at high speeds while under the influence or even in dangerous conditions. Deaths from irresponsible boat handling are completely preventable.

If your loved one is drowned due to reckless boating contact our firm our team works hard to make sure that irresponsible boat handlers are held accountable contact us to get help in pursuing justice against those who have hurt your loved one.

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