Cristina Yanez

Cristina Yanez

  • The Button Law Firm, PLLC
  • 4315 West Lovers Lane, Suite A Dallas, Texas 75209
  • 214-888-2216

I began my journey in the legal profession making copies at a South Florida personal injury firm during my senior year of high school. After graduation, I pursued a degree in Horticulture Science while continuing to work part-time at the firm.

Originally from South Florida, I moved to Chicago, Illinois in 2016. While in Chicago, I worked for a Medical Malpractice firm in the heart of downtown. I was fortunate to have learned the ‘ins and outs’ of litigation and trials. The hands-on experience I gained in preparing for and pushing through trials was invaluable.

After four great years in Chicago, the distance from my family and the brutal winters had taken its toll on me. In the summer of 2020,  I moved to the great state of Texas to be closer to the warm weather and sunshine and family in Houston. It is now that I realize just how much I missed the South!

I found the perfect fit as a team member of The Button Law Firm – I am surrounded by a team of passionate and hardworking people that so deeply care about our clients as individuals. We take the time to get to know our client’s stories through all walks of life and what they have gone through that has led them to us. I am grateful for every opportunity I have to get to know the person behind the case that we are helping.

Outside of my time spent with you and your case, I spend my time with my daughter, who has the spirit of a firecracker and rodeo dreams! I always take a moment to count my blessings while watering the houseplant-jungle that I call home. The Horticulturist in me has never left.