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The cost of child daycare is at an all-time high in Texas, yet parents are still getting terrible service at unsafe daycares that are putting profit over a child’s safety. It’s not fair to these parents who pay thousands of dollars to daycares in order to provide for their families to lose their child because daycare employees want to be negligent. 

If you are in the process of looking for a daycare please read this article from our Texas child wrongful death attorney, Your Guide To Selecting A Daycare For Your Kids, to help you make the best decision when choosing a daycare. 

What Happened at Our Little Hopes and Dreams Daycare? 

Our Little Hopes and Dreams daycare center located in San Antonio, Texas lost a child that was under their care due to the employees' lack of supervision. Had the employees paid attention to the six-month-old that was under their care, the baby boy will still be alive today. 

The six-month had recently learned how to roll over onto his stomach. The parents warned the daycare providers to watch out when their son did that as he did not know how to roll back around. Unfortunately, the daycare providers did not care enough to keep a close eye on him even though they were aware of the child’s new milestone, causing his death. The infant rolled over and choked on his vomit. 

The parents of this sweet boy were just celebrating the fact that their son was strong enough to roll over onto his stomach, and now they’re left to grieve their child’s death. This is unacceptable and the daycare needs to be held accountable. 

Our Little Hopes and Dreams had received 23 citations from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. Five of those citations were classified as “high-risk.”

“I want the teachers to be alert because my 4-year-old, he can speak for himself. He tells me everything. [The infant] couldn’t,” said the mother. “I’m yelling for him right now because he couldn’t do it.” We couldn’t agree more with her. You have to be the voice for your child when they are injured at daycare, or unfortunately die because of careless teachers.

No matter how young or old your child is, if they attend daycare and they were injured, you need to report it in order to stop other children from getting hurt in the future. It can be the difference between life and death.   

We are hurting for this family, and wish them all the best in the years to come. 

What Can the Button Law Firm Do to Help? 

In order to stop seeing stories like these on the news, we need to act out on anything suspicious we see at our children’s daycare facilities. Daycare teachers and owners need to be put in their place when they are not living up to their job requirements. We hope to see daycare facilities care about their children more than the profit they bring to the daycare. 

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