Lilia and Family at State FairWe’re excited to welcome Lilia, our new case manager! Before joining our team, Lilia spent over two years as a paralegal at an immigration firm. Although she loved her work there, a shift in circumstances led her on a different path, which brought her to The Button Law Firm.

Get to Know Lilia

Before she worked in law, Lilia was an expert in administrative work. Yet, she wanted to make a difference and be part of a team that worked directly with people to help them move forward. While she didn’t know too much about personal injury law beforehand, it was clear she was a great fit for our team during her interview.

Why Lilia Was Drawn to The Button Law Firm

As a mother of two, Lilia was astounded by how prominent daycare abuse and neglect were in everyday life. From the moment our team met Lilia, we knew she was a kind, empathetic person who could help our client through difficult times. When discussing her work with our clients, Lilia said, “If I see someone cry, I will definitely cry, too!” It’s this compassion that drives her to do her best and comfort clients who have gone through the unimaginable as parents.

As a team, we know just how important it is to show kindness and empathy when discussing daycare injury cases — and Lilia’s kind-heartedness is such a great addition to the team. Recently, Lilia revealed that she was a bit nervous about joining our firm! Like most people, attorneys can seem intimidating. Yet, when she arrived, Lilia soon saw we were just as compassionate as her. Our team genuinely cares about our clients. It’s what we do!

What Lilia's Up to Outside the Office!

Outside the office, she’s running nonstop, whether running errands or hiking a trail. With a 3-year-old and 6-month-old, Lilia is as busy as it gets! Despite her chaotic schedule, she always makes time to stay active. Lilia isn’t afraid to say that getting herself up and running also helps her toddler burn out some energy, too! When she gets some downtime, she loves all things scary, be it horror movies, haunted houses, or creepy podcasts. So, if you ever need any spooky recommendations, come to Lilia!

We can’t wait to see what Lilia accomplishes here at The Button Law Firm in the future. Welcome to the team!

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