The Button Law Firm breaks down settlement timelinesAt The Button Law Firm, we recognize the significance of time in the settlement process for your case. While we aim to offer a clear timeline, it's essential to understand that each legal matter is unique, and various factors contribute to the duration of resolving a case.

Factors Influencing Settlement Timeline

The timeline for settling a case is influenced by several key factors. The severity of injuries is a primary consideration, as cases involving significant injuries may need extensive investigations, medical consultations, and negotiations for a fair recovery.

Another key factor is gathering a full set of records, including medical bills and records, investigation documents, and reports from the state. Gathering records that comply with the rules of evidence in a case is an extensive process.

Additionally, the willingness of the insurance company and defendants to engage in negotiations. If the case can be resolved without a lawsuit, which is commonly known as a pre-litigation case, the timeline for receiving a settlement tends to be on the shorter end. If the case needs a lawsuit to be filed, which is commonly known as litigation, it typically takes longer, but not always.

The complexity of legal issues in your case also plays a role. Clear, straightforward catastrophic cases are typically able to be resolved quickly and easily; however, if there are some issues that are disputed, whether on negligence or damages, it may take longer.

How Long Can It Take to Receive a Check After the Case Settles?

Upon settlement, the process of receiving funds may take additional time. For adults, once settlement paperwork is finalized, checks typically come from the insurance company within 14-30 days. These funds are deposited into an IOLTA account, adhering to ethical standards for handling client funds.

Disbursements from the IOLTA account, covering attorney fees, medical costs, and the client's check, usually occur between 30 and 60 days from the date of the settlement with a signed release.

The post-settlement steps for cases involving minors are mostly the same. The main difference is that a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is required, adding 2 to 6 months to the process. All settlements involving a minor require court approval to protect the child's interests.

Balancing Efficiency and Quality Representation

We prioritize providing thorough and quality representation, understanding the desire for a prompt resolution. Rushing the process can compromise outcomes, and our commitment is to ensure full-value settlements on each catastrophic injury and wrongful death case we handle.  

Our legal team balances efficiency with meticulous attention to detail, diligently moving your case forward while maintaining high standards of legal advocacy.

Communication is Key

Open and transparent communication is fundamental to our approach. We keep you informed at every stage, providing regular updates on case progress, negotiations, and court proceedings.

Your Role in the Process

While we handle legal aspects, your active participation expedites the process. Responding promptly to requests, attending appointments, and engaging in activities contribute to a smoother resolution.

Dealing with Uncooperative Opposing Parties

In situations of uncooperativeness, our experienced attorneys address challenges effectively, employing strategic approaches to ensure case progress.

Initiating the Process with The Button Law Firm

Do you have more questions about pursuing a legal case with us? Contact us through the contact form on our website or call us to tell us more about your situation. We will guide you through gathering information, filing documents, and initiating legal proceedings.

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