Ashley Washington“I’m not afraid to admit it: Button Law Firm wouldn’t be the company it is today without my friend and fellow attorney, Ashley Washington. This month, she’s celebrating five years with the firm — and I couldn’t be happier about it. To mark this awesome milestone, I’ve invited her to share her story with you. Here it is in her own words.”  – Russell Button

Celebrating 5 Years at BLF

Usually, when you get a new job, you don’t think, “This is it — I’m going to be at this company forever.” That’s a little extreme in the 21st century! Still, it’s exactly how I felt when I spoke to Russell about joining the BLF team five years ago. I knew in my gut that I would be at BLF for the rest of my legal career.

Looking back, it’s funny that I felt so certain about the future in 2017. On the day I met Russell, I wasn’t even looking for a job. I had just graduated from law school, and the firm I was working for sent me to a two-day continuing legal education (CLE) seminar in Austin. They hoped it would help me prepare to join the trial team for an upcoming case.

Russell was one of the CLE instructors, and on the second day, he listened to me give an

opening statement. I was the youngest, least experienced attorney in the room — and one of only three women. My pulse was racing, and I thought, “Do I even deserve to be here?”

After my statement, I soaked up everyone’s feedback and rushed back to my desk to take notes. My pen was still racing across the paper when Russell found me a few minutes later.

“Hey, Ashley,” he said. “I have more feedback for you if you have a moment.” “Of course,” I said. “Do you mind waiting a minute?” I wanted to write down every word of advice I’d gotten so I wouldn’t forget it. Amazingly, Russell stood there waiting for five solid minutes. When I was finally ready, he sat down to chat with me about my statement. He gave insightful advice and even went further, suggesting topics I could look into for my upcoming case. I was impressed by his patience and expertise and still remembered it when he emailed me a few months after the CLE. He was working on a case similar to the one we’d discussed back then and wanted to pick my brain. The email turned into a phone call, and at the end of it, he told me that he wanted to expand his firm in Dallas. I was incredibly impressed by his vision. “If you know anyone looking for a position, send them my way,” he said.

Joining The BLF Team

I did know someone — me! Even though I lived in a different city and didn’t need a new job, every instinct I had was telling me that I should join BLF. So, even though I initially played it cool, I eventually threw out the option, and Russell accepted!

2017 was a monumental year in my life, and the five years since have been even more incredible. BLF is everything I knew it would be. I’ve helped Russell grow the firm from three people in a shared workspace to a thriving firm with 10 team members; I’ve found my confidence as a lawyer and overcome my imposter syndrome; and I’ve become a strong communicator and fighter for our clients. This firm is ever-evolving, and so am I. I’m looking forward to another five years of growth and many more!

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