Contact a personal injury attorney after a Texas boat accident.There’s nothing quite like a day on a Texas lake for relaxation. Millions of Texans spend time on boats each year—enjoying the weather, fishing, and participating in water sports. Unfortunately, a boating accident caused by another party’s carelessness can leave you with substantial losses and limit your ability to enjoy all that our great state has to offer. 

If you’ve been seriously injured in a negligence-related boating accident, the experienced personal injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm can protect your legal rights and ensure you receive a full financial recovery. 

Common Ways Boating Accidents Occur

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department found that a total of 4,168 boating accidents occurred in the state in 2019. Boating accidents can happen for many reasons, including a failure of one or both operators. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Use of substances during operation. This may include the use of alcohol, illegal, or prescription drugs that limit a person’s ability to operate the boat safely.
  • Distraction. Not paying attention to surroundings when operating the boat is a common cause of boating accidents. This may include eating, drinking, talking on the phone, dancing, or simply walking away from the controls.
  • Inexperienced operator. Boat operation requires skill and proper training, especially on Texas lakes that can be subjected to high winds. Inexperience may lead to serious accidents.
  • Failure to watch for hazardous weather. Properly monitoring weather conditions during the operation of a boat is essential. If a person fails to do so and operates a boat in an unsafe manner, that could cause an accident impacting others on the water.
  • Mechanical problems with the boat. Improper maintenance and upkeep of the boat or a manufacturer defect can lead to accidents.

What to Do After a Boating Accident

Knowing the cause of a boating accident is critical because it defines what your rights are. If another person’s actions or inactions led to your losses, you may have the right to pursue financial compensation. Proving your losses were the result of their negligence isn’t easy, but it is critical in ensuring you receive the compensation owed to you. 

After a boating accident, do not wait to alert the authorities and file a formal police report. Seek immediate medical attention as well. Doing so allows you to document when your injuries occurred. This is a type of evidence you may need if the insurance company tries to dispute the cause of your injuries. 

Additional steps to take to protect your right to compensation include: 

  • Talk to others in the area to gather their contact information as witnesses
  • Take photos of the entire area and the losses you’ve incurred
  • Document everything that is said by the other party
  • Inquire about available video footage in the area to prove your case
  • Take a video of the area when it is safe to do so

What You May Recover After an Accident 

When you suffer an injury someone else causes, you need legal representation to help you pursue the losses you’ve experienced. Working with an attorney helps to protect your rights.

Every case is different, but common types of compensation you may recover include:

  • Emergency medical bills 
  • Surgical procedures or specialist care
  • Bills for hospital stays
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Medication and medical equipment coverage
  • Loss of your boat
  • Loss of your ability to work
  • Lost time at work
  • Death of a loved one

There’s a lot on the line. Let our legal team provide you with the guidance you need to get through it all. If you were the victim of an accident on a Texas lake caused by another person or company, reach out to The Button Law Firm before you attempt to file a claim for the losses you’ve suffered. We’re here to be on your side. Contact our legal team today to request a free, no-obligation initial consultation

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