The Short Answer: We don't know yet.Couple sitting together discussing how they will pay medical bills after a car wreck

The value of your case depends on so many different factors that we need to investigate before we can get a sense of how your life has been impacted. During our first conversations, we'll determine if you have a case, but it will take more time to appreciate the extent of the damage caused. 

If a lawyer tries to give you a number without having enough time to evaluate for medical treatment, meet with you and your family, and thoroughly review your case's unique facts and circumstances, be wary. 

In most situations, we can't know how badly you are injured until you have completed enough medical treatment to understand the extent of your injuries. We also factor in the amount of time and money you lost from work and the extent to which your injuries are preventing you from doing the same work you could do before. These damages may be long-term if you have permanent injuries. 

Every case is different. Be careful if an attorney promises how much you could receive for your case. Estimates based on the value of similar cases may not always be accurate. 

The Real Damages are the Ones that Impact How You Live Your Life

At the end of the day, the real damages are the ones we learn by meeting with you, your family, and your friends. We discover what you can no longer do or now have difficulty doing because of your injuries. We discover what has been taken from you because another person, driver, or company was reckless. Once we know all of this, we can paint a full picture to the other insurance company, defense lawyers, judge, or jury so they understand why justice is served with the amount we are asking for. 

The bottom line - we want to make sure that the at-fault party is held fully accountable for how they have changed your life and that this does not happen to anyone else. 

At The Button Law Firm, we are committed to holding others accountable for what they have done. Our team fully evaluates your case to do this, including learning about you, your family, and the things that you once enjoyed but can no longer do because of your injuries. 

Schedule a free consultation to tell us your story, ask us questions, and find out if you have a case. 

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