How Do I Determine How Much My Case Is Worth?

The truth is that the value of your case is dependent on a variety of factors. If an attorney meets with you the first time and says your case is worth “X” amount, be weary. There is absolutely no way to know the true value of a case without allowing adequate time for the medical treatment to be provided, meeting with you and your family, and going through a thorough review of the entire facts and circumstances of the case.

The truth is that we can’t know how bad you are injured until you have completed a significant amount of medical treatment to best understand the extent of the injuries. We also factor in lost wages, which means the amount of time you lost from work, and loss of earning capacity, which is when your injuries are preventing you from doing the same work you could do before. This may be long-term if you have permanent injuries.

At the end of the day, the real damages are the ones we learn by meeting with you and your friends/family. We discover what you can no longer do things that you once enjoyed or now have difficulty doing what you could do before your injury. The real damages are how you’re affected knowing that the other person or company could have prevented what happened to you had they followed simple safety rules. The bottom line is that you want to make sure that the at-fault party or company is held accountable and that this doesn’t happen again to someone else.

Every case is different. Be careful if an attorney overpromises how much you could earn for your case. Estimates made based on the value of cases similar to yours may not always be accurate. You should speak to an trial lawyer to learn more.

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