Truck driver assaulted over road rage in Pecos, TexasWhile driving through Pecos, Texas, a female semi-truck driver was seriously injured by an 18-wheeler driver in a road rage incident in December 2016. The incident started when the male driver maneuvered his truck in an aggressive manner intended to scare the woman and force her truck off the road.

He then followed her to the place where she delivered her load and blocked her truck to prevent her from fleeing. He proceeded to pull her from the cab of her truck and throw her to the ground with such force it caused severe injuries to her back, neck, and other parts of her body. He also held her at gunpoint, verbally abused her, and left her traumatized on the road. Her husband had to take her to the hospital after she described what happened to law enforcement.

The woman called on our personal injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm, and we immediately sprung into action. We fought and held the dangerous and untrained 18-wheeler driver and his employer accountable so that our client in West Texas could move forward.

How Our West Texas Client Was Seriously Hurt in a Trucking Road Rage Attack

Immediately following the attack by the male truck driver, our client was taken to a local emergency room to treat her numerous physical injuries to her neck, chest, back, and left shoulder. She suffered from extensive bruising and internal bleeding as a result of the incident.

The pain continued and became so extensive that she sought treatment from multiple medical specialists. She experienced chronic headaches and subsequent head injury symptoms including dizziness, irritability, heart palpitations, and loss of sleep. Due to the attack, she was diagnosed with:

  • Anxiety and stress reactions
  • A sprained neck
  • Enlarged right and left inguinal region lymph nodes
  • Hip contusion
  • Inflamed right hip
  • Lumbar radiculopathy
  • Mild quadratus femoris muscle edema
  • Multifocal partial thickness labral tears
  • Right-side lumbago with sciatica
  • Sacroiliac joint sprain
  • Sprain and strained lumbar spine

One doctor recommended that she undergo a total right hip replacement in the near future.

She also experienced severe emotional and psychological injuries from the attack by the aggressive truck driver. She was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and a major depressive disorder. In addition to her doctor appointments, she sought counseling to help her address nightmares of truckers killing people and manage her crying spells, decreased appetite, stress, and anxiety through new coping strategies and tactics.

Justice Secured: Helping Our Client Move Forward After a Road Rage Incident

As you can tell, our client’s injuries were extensive. In fact, she was left unable to work and lost her Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) because of a medical condition caused by the attack. One doctor noted that her injuries would prevent her from working in the future, which would mean she would miss out on earning close to half a million dollars over time.

The road rage attack also caused our client to lose the ability to experience enjoyment, which led to a decline in her quality of life. For example, due to her injuries, she was no longer able to play with her granddaughter, exercise, wear high heels, take care of household chores, or sleep comfortably. Her marriage and relationship with her husband also suffered.  

Our legal team at The Button Law Firm fought hard to get justice for our client following this road rage attack. With our help, our client was awarded a settlement that rightfully compensated her for all damages, including expensive current and future medical bills, a decline in her quality of life, loss of earnings, and her newly developed chronic pain and suffering. She is now able to move forward and rebuild her life with her family.

The Button Law Firm Can Help Your Family After a Road Rage Incident

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