Russell Button with Tom Foster Jr. and Chad Foster at GLMIn early October, I went to the Great Legal Marketing Summit in Virginia. At the amazing event put on by Ben Glass and his awesome marketing team, I was finally able to meet our wonderful online marketing team in person. Tom Foster and Chad Foster are brothers and truly a class act.

On the second night of the seminar, I was invited to a dinner with the Foster Web Marketing clients. At the dinner, I was able to meet some wonderful folks from around the country and tell stories, discuss marketing, and talk about their families. Their program to allow companies like us to have active and engaging control over their website is second-to-none. We have been working with them for nearly three years. 

Each month, my marketing team and I hop on a video conference coaching call with Tom Foster. On the call, we autopsy our prior month’s objectives, go over our targets for the next month, and discuss the “why” behind what we are doing. What is even better is how they handle customer service and adversity. They handle issues head on and direct, which I appreciate and has helped us develop a stronger bond over the years.

It is always amazing the connection you have with people that are like-minded and bring a positive energy to the room. Foster Web Marketing is always trying to add value to the lives of the people that work for them as well as their clients. 

How Can I Help You?

Asking that question to start off any conversation or when you are checking in on a relationship will make sure that the person on the other side feels the way I do with Foster Web Marketing – truly appreciated and prioritized. This is my thank you to Foster Web Marketing and their entire team. I look forward to many more years with y’all. 

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