door hinge where serious finger injuries can happenWhen you close the door on a room full of small children, do you double-check that there aren’t any tiny fingers or toes in the gap? Of course you do. It’s common sense to make sure your actions don’t hurt another person.

What Happened to This Child at Daycare?

But two years ago, a California caregiver failed to take that step — and it almost cost her student a finger. When the metal door slammed shut on Margaret’s* hand, she screamed bloody murder. It was a traumatizing, painful moment she’ll probably never forget. Worse, the incident left her with a missing fingernail, deep cuts on her right index finger, and a serious loss of mobility. Even years later, she can’t bend her finger or hold a pencil like she used to.

How The Button Law Firm Helps Families Across the Country

Margaret lives in California, but when our team heard about what happened to her, we knew we had to help. We have experience helping families after daycare injuries. The more we dug into the school’s track record, the worse their behavior looked. The problem went much deeper than one absentminded caregiver. We discovered that within less than a year, the school had failed to report multiple injuries to California’s Department of Social Services. Several kids — including Margaret — had fallen and hit their heads on the playground. Once, a child even passed out, and the school didn’t call 911.

BLF Secures Justice After a Child Suffers a Finger Injury at Daycare

We made it our mission to secure justice for Margaret and her family. Not only was Margaret traumatized and dealing with a potentially permanent injury, but her whole family was also affected by the incident. They changed their moving plans, canceled a vacation, and rearranged their lives to meet Margaret’s needs. Earning them justice was the least we could do. Our hard work paid off!

Earlier this year, we secured Margaret’s family the settlement they needed to move on from her injury as much as possible. It’s not quite as good as a fully-functional finger, but it’s the closest thing we could deliver. If you know a child injured at school or daycare — even if they weren’t hurt in Texas — call or email our team. We’ll help in any way we can.

*We’ve changed this name to protect our client’s privacy

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