Photo of Attorney Daniel Radford.Here at BLF, we try to advocate for people left out of the legal conversation. That’s why we represent kids, folks with serious brain and spinal cord injuries, and families who have had a loved one killed due to the negligence of others.

Serving the Deaf Community

A few years ago, we started helping another under-resourced group: Deaf people injured in accidents. That work wouldn’t have been possible without Danny Radford. Danny is a personal injury lawyer based in Utah with an incredible story.

When he was 18, he was called to serve a church mission in New York. His specific assignment involved teaching the deaf community — so he had to learn sign language! “There were probably only 12 missions with sign language missionaries,” he says. “We were a small program. At my training center, there were only nine of us, whereas a Spanish program might have hundreds.”

Danny must have been called to that group for a reason because on his mission he discovered a passion for working with the deaf community. When he got home, he took a job at a deaf service office, then worked as an interpreter and college sign language teacher.

He was doing as much as he could to help deaf people — but he wanted to do more. “I decided to go to law school with the goal of helping the deaf community in a higher capacity,” he says. Boy, did he follow through!

Helping Deaf Clients in Utah and Across the Country

Danny opened Deaf Injury Law specifically to help deaf clients in Utah and connect injured deaf people all over the country with legal representation. Danny will only recommend clients to law firms he has personally trained to handle deaf cases — and BLF is one of them.

Thanks to Danny’s training, we know how to find a great interpreter and take extra steps to ensure our deaf clients can work with police, receive proper medical care, and can communicate with their insurance companies. “The whole process [after a car crash] is just a giant breeding ground to take advantage of deaf people, so I am trying to correct that with Deaf Injury Law,” Danny says.

If you’re an attorney with a deaf client or know someone in the deaf community who needs representation, Danny is a great resource. You can reach him at [email protected]

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