Lack of Safety in Texas Daycares

Daycare caregivers should constantly be alert to what the children are doing to ensure that they don’t harm themselves. Beyond that, daycare facilities should hire qualified employees that know how to properly watch after children. Last but not least, daycare facilities should be baby-proofed before opening their business doors. Our Texas daycare injury lawyer details this story further here.

How a Toddler Was Found Outside a Daycare Facility child with arms folded and head down alone

A couple found a toddler wandering around a busy highway. They grew concerned when they realized the child was alone and stopped to find out what was going on. To their surprise, the toddler was able to easily escape his daycare facility. 

What’s even more surprising is that the daycare didn’t realize that they had a missing child. 

They were in shock when the child was brought back to the facility, they informed the parents as soon as they returned the child.

This incident was reported to the police and the Department of Family Protective Services conducted their investigation soon after. The DFPS determined that the child was able to escape due to an unsecured door. DFPS also saw that this daycare facility had 39 citations in the past three years.

Had this couple not realized not found the child wandering alone near a highway, the results of this daycare’s negligence would’ve been deadly. 

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