Laundry Room After RemodelLaundry Room Before RemodelWe all want to remodel our homes to make them more comfortable and attractive. There’s only one problem — it’s impossible to find the time! At least, it feels that way until you meet someone like BLF’s Rena Piper.

Late last year, Rena blew our team away when she managed to squeeze an expert remodel into her schedule. She works with us, goes to law school, and runs around looking after her three kids, but she still made her laundry room transformation happen. “I always try to find something that helps me get away from the books, my work, and the regular stresses of life,” Rena explains. “If it’s not gardening, then it’s home projects or crafts. … I figured if I was going to mess up a room, the laundry room was a safe choice!” Rena had big dreams for the drab laundry room.

Rena’s Plan to Tackle Her Laundry Room Remodel

She wanted to tackle a bit of the project each week, slowly adding fresh paint, functional cabinets, a countertop, and attractive wood paneling. “Law school quickly reminded me that I couldn’t do something every week,” she says. “But I did finish it at the end of the semester after finals were finished, and we had a little downtime here at BLF.” Rena pulled off an incredible transformation. She admits that she was a little worried about cutting and installing the removable countertop, but even that turned out beautifully! “It was a perfect fit, and it was also perfectly level, which was a big accomplishment, I think,” she says.

Celebrating Rena’s Big Accomplishments

At the same time, Rena racked up another big accomplishment: She won a CALI Excellence for the Future Award in Federal Criminal Procedure! She achieved the highest grade in her class at UNT Dallas College of Law, and she was recognized for her work.

We’re incredibly proud of Rena — for the CALI and her successful remodel! If you ever need tips for a renovation (or test on federal criminal procedure) she’s the one to ask.

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