Rena Piper with her kidsMay was a busy month for BLF Paralegal Rena Piper and her family. Her son, Aiden, graduated from high school, and she celebrated her one-year anniversary working for our firm. Both milestones were important — but only one included a once-in-a-lifetime vacation!

“The day after Aiden’s graduation, I took him on a trip to Germany to show him where he was born,” Rena says.

Rena was a military police officer stationed overseas when she had Aiden, and this trip was their first time visiting his birthplace together since they left. It was exciting for Rena to share that moment with her son, and she can’t wait to see how he continues to grow and develop after high school.

“Aiden runs his own business, Ambira Media, and is a partner in another company. He’s about to finish his real estate license, too, and then he’s going to school to study business. He’s very drive and goal-oriented. He’s kind of like me — he just puts his mind to something and goes for it,” Rena says.

For the past year, Rena has funneled all of her drive and ambition into working at BLF and studying to become a lawyer. Law has been her passion ever since we represented her youngest son, Ryen, who was neglected at daycare as a baby.

Becoming a paralegal was a big change for Rena after years serving in the military and working in higher education. But surprisingly, her military training comes in handy while helping our clients. Being a military police officer made her mentally tough, just as living through Ryen’s case made her empathetic.

“[I tell my clients], You can lay it on me, and I can take it,” Rena says, referencing the weight of grief and guilt parents feel after daycare accidents. “I have several clients who call me all the time and lay all of their emotions on me. It’s been a blessing to carry that weight for them.”

We count ourselves lucky to have a rock like Rena on our team. It has been a fantastic year together, and we look forward to many more!

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