Daycare room with colorful toysWhy Should You Report Suspicious Activity by Houston Daycare Providers?

Hardworking parents in and around Dallas are paying thousands of dollars to daycare facilities to watch over their children but are the daycare facilities keeping their part in protecting and nurturing our kids? At the very least, parents have a right to expect their kids playing in a safe environment with qualified teachers.

There are great daycare facilities out there, but there are also terrible ones. It’s extremely important to report injuries and anything that seems odd that has occurred at a daycare facility. These caregivers are paid to watch after our children. If a kid comes home with a broken arm or broken leg a caregiver was likely not taking their job serious enough to prevent an injury. There are rules and policies created by the State of Texas to ensure that children are being taken care of to the best of the ability by a teacher, that means there has to be a strict child to teacher ratio so he or she can be fully aware of what’s going on.

Typical Daycare Defense: Kids Being Kids

When an injury does occur, teachers and caregivers like to say “kids will be kids” and a lot of the times not let a parent know that their child was injured to avoid getting in trouble with their facility. No one has a right to fail to disclose to a kid’s parents what happened. Many bad daycare centers are still up and running because no one wants to speak up about an injury fearing that their kid will get kicked out. Until they are held accountable, it will continue to happen. We want to see it stopped.

Making a report on a daycare facility is not only limited to injuries. A teachers’ bad behavior at a facility can be reported as well as it’s essential to our childrens’ psychological growth.  If all our kids see at daycare is aggression, anger and annoyance from their teacher, that’s what they will catch on to and portray at home.

Is Your Child’s Daycare Clean and Safe?

Lack of cleanliness can also be reported. There are children who have to go to daycare daily for over 8 hours, the least a daycare center can do is keep it up to state regulations in terms of keeping the facility clean and sanitized.

Is Little Einstein’s Learning Academy in Houston Helping or Hurting?

We have investigated and seen that Little Einstein’s Learning Academy in Beechnut, Houston has had several cleanliness-related citations throughout the years. There are cracks on the floor filled with crumbs and dirt, a roach was also spotted walking on the table to get to the wall while children were eating their lunch. Not to mention multiple food and drinks stains splattered on the cafeteria wall. Some of the chairs the children use daily have old dirt marks across them. This is unacceptable for a daycare provider.

This is the kind of facility that put profits over the kids. They don’t care for the condition of the facility as long as the parents keep paying them money weekly. This is not fair for the children and the working parents who would much rather be taking care of their kid.

Want to know more about how we can help if your child is injured or abused at a Houston daycare center?

If you want to report a daycare, follow this link. Don’t hesitate in making a citation report when you notice something that seems odd, you will be helping a future parent’s decision on where their children should go for daycare easier.

Do you feel as if your kid has been hurt or neglected at daycare in Houston? You should report it to the State of Texas. Give us a call at 214-699-4409. We have a daycare team in Houston.

If you or a loved one has had a negative experience at Little Einstein’s Learning Academy, or another Houston daycare facility, call us at 214-699-4409. We are here for you and your family. Not only will you have peace of mind but you can help prevent other children from getting hurt by the same facility if we are able to create safety awareness. We will guide you through the process as well as send you useful information on your specific case. You can also fill out this Contact Us form to tell us your story.


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