Daycare fed dangerous snack to child with nut allergyLife-Threatening Allergic Reactions at Daycare

Any parent can understand the gravity of a child’s food allergies, and perhaps every parent’s worst nightmare is their own child experiencing a life-threatening reaction when they aren’t there. This is what happened to Elliot* who was supposed to be under the watchful eye of a daycare facility. (*His name is changed to protect the client’s privacy.)

How Caregivers’ Lack of Allergy Training Put a Child’s Life at Risk

Despite having paperwork on file that detailed Elliot’s nut allergy, the caregivers were never informed or even trained to handle an emergency situation. Sadly, during snack time, Elliot was given trail mix, a snack filled with different nuts.

Soon, his body went into anaphylaxis, which is a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction. He became distressed and afraid as his throat began to close up, and hives formed across his chest. The daycare failed to tell caregivers of his allergy, did not post his allergen information anywhere in the classroom, and had no protocol for quickly and safely handling a medical emergency like Elliot’s.

To make matters worse, the staff confessed that they did not have his parent’s correct contact information and were unable to reach both parents as their son was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. This was a terrifying situation for Elliot.

Elliot arrived at the hospital, barely able to breathe and vomiting. Fortunately, the doctors were able to provide him with epinephrine to ease his allergic reaction. Still, Elliot would later have to undergo extensive allergy skin testing and bloodwork, which verified that Elliot was experiencing an allergic reaction to nuts.

The Horrifying Aftermath of This Allergy Negligence Incident

Despite the apparent physical recovery from the incident, Elliot has found himself grappling with profound emotional distress in the aftermath. This distress has manifested in various ways, most notably in an increased dependence on his mother. No longer comfortable sleeping in his own bed, Elliot seeks solace in the proximity of his mother, finding reassurance in her presence.

Furthermore, his emotional turmoil has extended to his relationship with food, as he now harbors a deep-seated aversion, fearing a potential allergic reaction. This newfound apprehension has significantly altered his eating habits and introduced an additional layer of complexity to his daily life. The trauma has left a deep-rooted mark on Elliot's psyche, reshaping his behavior and necessitating a delicate approach to support and healing in the face of this emotional challenge.

How The Button Law Firm Stepped in to Help This Family Move Forward Past an Allergic Reaction Incident

After Elliot’s family came to us to investigate the case and to learn their rights, we discovered that this daycare had over 20 citations against them for missing records, improper training, and much more. With the daycare’s blatant neglect and its citation-filled history, we were able to win this case for Elliot and his family. Justice was served, and now this family can finally focus on Elliot’s complete recovery.

Contacting The Button Law Firm After Your Child Suffered an Allergic Reaction from Negligence

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