There’s nothing tougher than trusting a stranger with your child while you go to work to provide for your family. We want to make sure that parents are informed on how to correctly find a safe daycare so no other children have to be mistreated. This is why we have written a report that has 11-Steps On How To Find A Safe Daycare

We believe that daycare owners and employees should be held to high standards and truly have a passion for kids. Unfortunately, many daycares put profit over a child’s safety. If your family was affected by Becky's Child Care please follow the link to Important Information For Families Impacted By Becky's Child Care

What Happened Here? 

Becky’s Home Child Care, an at-home operated daycare is a prime example of daycares putting profit over the safety of the children in it. The owner of this daycare purposely neglected children all day long because she knew it was an easy check. It’s obvious that this daycare owner doesn’t have a passion for kids, and from the looks of it she doesn’t care for children in general. Check 

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The father of a six-month-old infant placed a small camera on his child’s car seat when dropping the infant off at the daycare. When the father reviewed the film, he found that the owner would give the children over-the-counter medicine in plastic syringes to all of the children to calm them down. The father also saw the owner picking up a child by the bib tied around his neck instead of properly picking up the child by the arms. To make matters worse, this owner used shoelaces around the children’s neck to limit the kid’s range of movement. 

Thankfully, the father informed the local police, the police then obtained a search warrant. 

When the detectives conducted their search warrant, the daycare owner told the detectives that there were five children in her home. This turned out to be a lie and the three infants were found in the master bedroom with the lights off. Another infant was found in a dark bathroom.

The daycare owner admitted to leaving the infants in car seats up to seven hours a day.

This daycare has then been closed and the owner is currently in jail with a $5,000 bail for each of the nine counts of children endangerment.  

Not only is this unfair to the children, but to the parents who were trusting and paying this woman with their child’s life. We are so thankful that the father attached a camera and showed police the evidence of child negligence. We can only imagine the tragedies that could have arisen from such behavior. 

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