car accident caused by drunk driverA woman in Tomball was out running errands when a drunk driver crashed into the back of her vehicle, which was stationary at a red light. The accident seriously injured the woman who was 30 weeks pregnant in May 2022.

Police on the scene found the man who caused the accident was driving while intoxicated and arrested him. Later in court, the man admitted to drinking and driving.

Our auto accident injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm fought to get justice for this woman and her unborn son. Our legal team held the drunk driver accountable and secured a settlement that provided our client with monetary compensation to cover her medical expenses, including long-term physical therapy and other resources to help her recover from her severe injuries. The significant sum also compensated the woman for her immense pain—due to her pregnancy, she was forced to live with continued pain since pain medication had the potential to impact the development of her unborn son.  

How a Drunk Driver Injured Our Houston-area Client

The drunk driver’s actions severely injured the woman in the accident. She was taken to an emergency room in Tomball to treat her injuries—she was in pain from hitting her head on the steering wheel, had an abrasion on her right forearm, pain in her right knee, and experienced severe neck pain that caused first responders to place her in a C-collar. The trip to the emergency room also sought to check on the health of her unborn son.

Despite multiple treatments, her neck, back, shoulder, head, and knee pain remained constant. She was given a long-term treatment plan of physical therapy to help reduce her pain, increase her range of motion, and work on her strength. She still sought relief from the pain, and underwent an MRI, which revealed she had a “moderately severe compromise of the left and right lateral recesses and the neutral foramina inferiorly at the L5/S1 level.” Another MRI found a spinal canal stenosis at C5/C6.

The woman was then referred to a pain management specialist, who recommended an injection treatment to address her continued pain. Unfortunately, she was unable to move forward with the procedure because it could impact her son.

Because of the crash caused by the drunk driver, our client’s life was substantially disrupted due to the immense pain stemming from her injuries. In addition, she incurred numerous necessary medical expenses and was severely traumatized while worried about how the accident may have impaired the health of her unborn son.

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Car accidents, especially those caused by a drunk driver, can cause serious injuries and unexpected stress. Dealing with insurance companies, medical costs, and lost time from work compound the strain of being involved in a wreck caused by someone else’s negligence. After years of handling car wreck injury cases, our lawyers at The Button Law Firm created a free guide for what to do after a car wreck. Our free guide provides information on what steps to take immediately following a car wreck, including how insurance companies treat people injured in a car wreck, how an attorney can help with my case, and much more.

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