Take prompt action after a DWI crash.After being hit by a drunk driver, you need to know how to react quickly and safely—and how to ensure your rights are upheld.

First Steps After a Drunk Driving Accident

Once you have confirmed that everyone is okay, there are three crucial steps to take immediately after a drunk driving accident:

  • Call the police. A police report is a crucial part of a drunk driving case. Not only will there be a written account by a nonbiased person at the scene of the crash, but the responding officers will be able to test the drunk driver’s blood alcohol content in order to determine just how drunk they are. This is an important element of a DUI accident case.
  • Take photographs. After you have called the police, and if you are able, start documenting the scene with photographs. Drunk drivers often try to flee the scene of an accident, so be sure to snap a photograph of their car and license plate. If you see any evidence of drinking—such as beer cans falling out of an opening car door—document that as well.
  • Take video. If you can safely take a video of the drunk driver and the scene of the crash, this can be useful as well.

Other Ways to Protect Yourself After a Drunk Driving Accident

You should do your best to follow the same routine as you would after any car accident: stay safe, get medical help, and obtain necessary insurance information. If the other driver’s drunken state gets in the way of that, do your best to take care of yourself and remain safe. Let the police handle the other driver and determine if they are drunk.

In addition, keep the following in mind:

  • Remain at the scene of the accident and try to stay calm. Do not engage with the drunk driver, and do not discuss the details of the crash with anyone who is at the scene. 
  • Get names and contact information from all other drivers and passengers involved in the crash.
  • Get names and contact information from any witnesses—both those who saw the crash happen and those who might have seen the other driver driving erratically or who can provide other crucial information.
  • Call an attorney as soon as possible after the crash.
  • Do not say anything to insurers other than reporting the accident. Do not make any recorded statement without first speaking to an attorney.
  • Do not sign anything without first speaking to an attorney.
  • Keep details of the accident off social media. Pictures or tweets can be misconstrued, and the casual nature of social media could potentially harm your case.
  • Be sure to get medical treatment after the accident. Accidents are stressful, and when adrenaline is pumping through the body, it can mask injuries that later become apparent. Getting medical care is necessary for your physical recovery. It also helps establish causation between the accident and the injuries you suffered. If you don’t seek medical treatment, this can cause insurance companies to diminish the severity of your injuries.

Contact a DWI Wreck Attorney Sooner Rather Than Later

The details to keep in mind after you are hit by a drunk driver can seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. As soon as you decide to retain The Button Law Firm, our lawyers will make sure that the appropriate steps are taken to protect your rights. Schedule a consultation today.