drunk driverNote from Russell Button - Sheba is heading off to law school soon and we wanted her to write about the DWI wrecks she sees so frequently in our office. We represent the injury victims from DWI wrecks throughout Texas. Sheba has assisted on a few of our DWI wreck cases in Dallas and Midland. Our clients were grateful to have her on their team and we look forward to seeing where Sheba's journey takes her from here. 

Enjoy this great article she wrote on the legal drinking limit in Texas.

What Is The Legal Limit In Texas?

Every so often, we all decide to enjoy a few drinks with our friends and family, whether it's weekends or special occasions. While this is perfectly acceptable, what we find unacceptable is drinking and then making the decision to drive above the legal limit. The legal limit of blood alcohol concentration in Texas varies depending on many factors. In fact, find out what your blood alcohol concentration limit is depending on your gender and weight. The gold standard is one drink per hour. 

Like I said, the legal limit is dependent on many factors, such as your gender, weight, and general alcohol tolerance. The tolerance for an individual who drinks frequently is different for those who drink on special occasions only. With that, Texas lawmakers indicated that a blood alcohol level of .08 is considered legally drunk across all factors.

Did you know that the breathalyzer first came into existence after the prohibition in the United States dating back to 1936? In fact, the breathalyzer we know now was first invented as a Drunkometer. Appropriately named, right? Ever since then, blood alcohol concentrations became a part of routine tests when pulled over. 

With These Facts, We Have A Few Suggestions.

1. Be informed of how much you are able to handle from a legal standpoint. Check out the TABC guidelines for legal limits in Texas (linked above).

2. Take into factor how frequently you drink. How often you drink plays directly into how much alcohol you are able to handle at once, and how quickly the alcohol will affect you. Take this into consideration before you begin drinking.

3. We highly recommend NOT getting behind the wheel after any amount of alcohol has entered your body. Make plans beforehand for a place to stay after consuming alcohol or use rideshare services such as Lyft or Uber. 

How can we help?

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