Two cars damages after a car crash. Recently, I happened upon a news article titled “DUI Driver Kills Mother of Six”. My heart sank as I clicked on article’s link. The young Californian mother who was killed was on her way home from visiting her premature twins at the hospital to her four other children. The driver, who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, had lost control of the wheel and crashed into the deceased in a head-on collision, killing the woman on impact.

This is just one of the constant instances that afflict our society. We repeatedly see careless members of society ignoring the rules of the road. In this instance, it was a woman who decided to drink above the legal amount and climb behind the steering wheel. Because of this act, children have lost their mother, and a husband has lost his life partner.

The sad reality here is, this happens every day and will continue to happen until we invoke change. We need to inspire for others to follow the rules of the road. So how can we do this?:

  • Lead by example: By modeling the ideal safe driver behavior, we are able to lead others by example. We will make safe driving a norm within our society.
  • Report infractions: If you witness an individual who is climbing into a car after too many drinks, report the act to the proper authorities. You could be saving a life.
  • Educate others about the rules of the road: We are constantly updating our followers with updates on the rules of the road. Our website can be a great source for your to educate yourself as well as others about the rules of the road.

These are just a few of the many steps that society must need to change in order to see a better tomorrow. But remember, together we can make a difference. So let’s continue to stick together and invoke change. The woman who died in this crash was a mother and a wife, but even more so, she was a human being. Citizens of society should expect more from those who occupy it. Let's work on creating a better future for the children that she left behind.

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