Chemical cleaning products used at a daycareIn February 2022, a 1-year-old girl suffered severe chemical burns when a worker at a daycare center in Denton, Texas, did not read the label of a harsh, commercial-grade cleaning solution before using the product to disinfect children’s nap mats. The warning label stated, “Keep out of reach of children,” and noted the product was “hazardous to humans and causes irreversible eye damage and skin burns.” As a result of the daycare worker’s negligence, the infant girl experienced severe injuries, including disfiguring chemical burns across the entirety of her face, swollen eyes and face, and singed hair.

Despite the little girl’s face swelling and what appeared to be a red rash, the Denton daycare center did not to seek proper medical attention, contact her parents, or report the incident to the state, as required by Texas law.

The girl’s parents contacted our Texas daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm to hold the Denton daycare center accountable for the negligence that caused an innocent little girl’s chemical burns and the center’s inaction immediately following her injury. We fought to get justice for the little girl and her family and helped them move forward with monetary compensation.

How the Denton Daycare Center Violated Texas Daycare Laws

Texas daycare laws, known as minimum standards, are strict, covering every aspect of child care from maintaining playground equipment to the proper use of cleaning supplies. In this case, the Denton daycare disregarded several of the minimum standards that would have prevented the little girl’s serious injuries, including:

  • Ensuring the safety of children in its care
  • Maintaining clean equipment to protect the health of children in their care
  • Use, store, and dispose of hazardous materials as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Ensure areas with children present are treated with chemicals only when permissible under label directions
  • Immediately notify parents of any situation that placed their child at risk
  • Report all incidents involving serious injury to children to the Department of Family and Protective Services
  • Complete incident reports on all incidents involving injuries to children at the center
  • Provide parents with a copy of a completed incident report on all incidents involving injuries to children at the center

An independent investigation conducted by the state found staff members at the Denton daycare center were never trained on how to properly clean at the facility, and they were not knowledgeable about what solution was in the spray bottles they used.

How The Button Law Firm Helped the Denton Family Move Forward After a Daycare Chemical Burn

Upon picking her up from the daycare center and observing her obvious injuries, the little girl’s parents took her to the emergency room at a nearby hospital. The next day, she developed blisters on her eyelids, so they took her to an urgent care clinic. That medical facility immediately sent her to a children’s emergency room for the blistering rash. There, doctors diagnosed her with a bacterial skin infection and blistering rash and referred her to a dermatologist.

The specialist treated the little girl for chemical burns that caused significant skin discoloration and patches throughout her face and abdomen. Doctors noted her injuries would take several months to heal.

The severity of her chemical burns also caused the little girl to experience a high level of pain and discomfort. She woke up in the middle of the night crying. She was also forced to miss out on fun pastimes like playing on a playground with other children in order to avoid sun exposure and help her wounds heal. Her face was also permanently disfigured with scar tissue caused by the burn.

Our daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm fought to get justice for this little girl and her family. The settlement secured by our legal team covered the little girl’s costly medical bills to treat the chemical burn, including her long-term and future treatments. Noneconomic damages that the girl and her family suffered were also factored into the compensation agreement in order to help them move forward. 

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