Child holding an ice pack to her head after suffering from an injury from a fall at daycareWhat Happened at This Houston Daycare?

After daycare workers failed to properly supervise the children in their care, a four-year-old girl was severely hurt by a preventable fall, which left her with a head laceration, concussion, and an intracranial injury. The little girl’s family reached out to the Houston daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm to get justice. Our legal team fought to hold the daycare accountable Thanks to a settlement secured by our attorneys, the family was able to provide resources needed to help their daughter heal and move forward. 

How Was the Little Girl Hurt at Her Houston Daycare?

In April 2022, a little girl and other children were playing in a classroom at the childcare facility in Houston. Unfortunately, they were not being properly supervised by the daycare workers. They allowed the children to repeatedly climb a stack of naptime cots that were stored in the classroom. Sadly, the little girl fell from the stack, hitting her head. The impact from the fall caused a deep gash through one of her eyebrows, narrowly missing her eye.

The little girl was immediately taken to Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center, where she was diagnosed with a head laceration, concussion, and an intracranial injury.

How Could the Daycare Have Prevented This Incident of Neglect? 

While falls are the leading cause of nonfatal childhood injuries, they are easily preventable. First and foremost, the lack of supervision by caregivers and workers is often the root cause of children falling and getting critically hurt at daycare facilities. That was the case with this little girl and her classmates—they were not properly supervised. Had a responsible caregiver been watching them, they would not have been allowed to participate in the unsafe activity of climbing the stack of cots.

In addition to properly supervising and monitoring young children, daycare centers across Texas are required to follow strict minimum care guidelines that are designed to protect little ones from incidents like falls. Unfortunately, the Houston daycare center, in this case, failed to meet the following safety standards, violating state laws:

  • Ensuring no child is neglected while in its care
  • Ensuring areas accessible to children are free from hazards, including sharp edges
  • Completing background checks of employees and staff members prior to any interactions with children at the daycare
  • Providing opportunities for engaging safe child play

An investigation revealed that just three months prior to the little girl’s injuries, another child at the daycare had an incident related to the cots in the classroom. The daycare failed to act by removing the stack, knowing that children climbed it as a form of play.

In addition, the Houston daycare had six violations from the state of Texas dating back to October 2017 due to its failure to:

  • Properly supervise the children in its care
  • Install safe equipment
  • Hire unqualified and well-trained workers

To prevent your family from experiencing neglect incidents like what happened in this case, download our free guide designed to help working parents find a safe daycare for their children.

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