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When friends of our BLF family are hit by a commercial vehicle, we are here to help. When we are able to get involved in a case early on, it allows our team to do what we do best, which is doing more to keep you moving forward.

Below is a success story of one of our favorite clients and how we were able to help answer his questions, resolve the case successfully, and make our client’s life as easy as possible throughout the entire process.                                                                                        

What happened

In November 2018, around 10:30 pm at night, a garbage truck was leaving a gas station parking lot. As it began merging onto the street, it continued across all three lanes of traffic. The driver of the garbage truck was distracted and slammed into the side of a pickup truck in the far-left lane. The crash totaled the pickup truck and whipped the driver into the side of the truck and back over the middle.

Our client was on his way home from diesel mechanic school. He was only 38 at the time of the wreck. Unfortunately, as a result of the crash, his back was permanently altered for life. It caused him to have a severe disc herniation that required extensive therapy and injections over the course of a year. He was also recommended to get surgery by two board-certified spine surgeons.

How we helped

Mario was referred to us by some lawyer friends of ours that saw Russell Button speak at a local seminar. From the initial call, our team was able to listen to his questions, concerns, and fears about the process and the uncertainty of recovering back to the way his life used to be.

 In the beginning, Mario needed to get the best medical care possible as he had never been injured in his life. We worked with him to research and find the best doctors near his home. 

While Mario was able to focus on getting better physically and emotionally, we were doing more to keep him moving forward. We took over the communications with the insurance company. This gave him peace of mind knowing that he did not have to face that battle and focus on getting better.

Once Mario’s treatment was nearly a plateau, our team began putting together one of our cutting-edge demands. We worked with all his healthcare providers to get estimates of his future medical needs as well as the psychological damages.  

From there, we worked with the insurance company adjuster to obtain a settlement that was fair and right for this case.

Changing Mario’s Life

As a result of the settlement for Mario, we were able to pay off all his medical bills and set him up for the next phase of his life. The settlement money will never replace or make up for the quality time he lost working his way back to his new normal physically and mentally, but it will help restart his life.

Mario was an amazing client. We loved working with him. We worked hard to keep his case and his life moving forward. With our entire team working on this case, we were able to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Why was this an important case for all drivers?

All commercial drivers in Texas must drive safely. If they do not, they need to know that they will be held accountable just as any of us would be if we didn’t follow the traffic safety rules.

What was unacceptable here was a professional driver being distracted on the roads. Their vehicles are too big and can cause to much devastation to be inattentive while driving.

This case will serve as a reminder to the commercial transportation industry to drive safely.

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