Little girl crying after being injured at daycareA mother in Odessa, Texas, lived her worst nightmare in June 2022. Upon picking up her 3-year-old daughter from a church daycare center, she noticed blood smeared across her daughter’s face and an open wound on her ear. The daycare center gave the mother no information when she questioned workers about what happened to her daughter.

The little girl’s mother contacted our experienced West Texas daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm to get answers and hold the Odessa facility accountable for the abuse her daughter experienced and subsequent injuries. Our lawyers secured a settlement for the toddler and her family to cover expenses ranging from costly medical bills to other necessary resources to help the girl heal from her injuries caused by the daycare’s negligence.

Safety Failures at an Odessa Daycare Center

Plain and simple: The Odessa daycare center’s safety failures caused this toddler’s injuries. Texas minimum standards dictate rules that childcare facilities are required to follow to prevent injuries and keep the children in their care safe. The Odessa center ignored the following standards:

  • Ensuring no child is neglected
  • Ensuring employees demonstrate competency, good judgment, and self-control while around children
  • Using positive methods of discipline and guidance that a child understands
  • Avoiding corporal punishment, or threats of corporal punishment, including hitting or pinching a child
  • Recording all incidents that place a child at risk
  • Reporting all incidents involving a serious injury or neglect to children to the Department of Family and Protective Services

An independent investigation by the state found the Odessa daycare and its workers used prohibited punishment tactics that injured the little girl in this incident.

Sadly, the little girl’s injury was not an isolated incident at the Odessa daycare—the center had a history of safety violations. The facility received ten citations from 2018 through April 2022, two months before the incident involving the little girl. These citations were for the same safety failures, ranging from workers not properly supervising children and using inappropriate punishment methods to intentionally abusing children and failing to report serious incidents to the state.

How The Button Law Firm Got Justice for The Little Girl and Her Family

Upon discovering her daughter’s laceration and bruises, the mother took her to the pediatrician for a medical evaluation. Doctors were concerned about the cause of the toddler’s injuries—the actions of the Odessa daycare and its workers—and made a report with the Department of Family and Protective Services.

Her wounds were serious and took more than two months to completely heal, leaving her with a scar where the laceration was on the top of her ear.

In addition, the little girl experienced a high degree of stress from the trauma that she experienced at the Odessa daycare center. She kept repeating, “Teacher hurt my ear,” and endured night terrors and sleepwalking following the incident. She was evaluated by a sleep clinic, where they confirmed her sleep disturbances.  

The daycare incident also took a toll on the girl’s mother. She was forced to find a new job that allowed her to accommodate her daughter’s schedule for a new daycare center.

Our West Texas daycare injury lawyers helped the 3-year-old girl and her family move forward with a settlement agreement. The Odessa daycare center was held accountable for the girl’s injuries and compensated the family for their monetary and noneconomic damages. The settlement covered the little girl’s costly medical bills and the resources needed to help her healing journey.  

Our West Texas Daycare Injury Lawyers Can Help Your Family

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