A nail salon pedicure station. What Happened to This Midland, TX Man After Visiting a Nail Salon?

A Midland man visited a local nail salon for a pedicure in 2019. Instead of enjoying a relaxing afternoon of pampering, he left with severe burns on his left foot. The second-degree burns and ensuing corrosion of his skin were caused by a chemical solution that was negligently used by a technician at the salon.

Burns can be scary injuries because they can cause a strong response from the body. These injuries often require expensive, intense medical treatments and procedures, long-term care, and substantial rehabilitation because of the body’s extensive reactions. That is why our Texas burn injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm fought hard to hold the nail salon accountable for our client’s severe burn injuries. The settlement secured by our team will help him cover his medical expenses, any future medical treatments, and other damages resulting from this traumatic health incident.

How This Chemical Burn Injury Could Have Been Prevented

Second-degree burns like what our client experienced affect the outer and lower skin layers. Blisters and swelling may occur, and the affected area is painful to the touch. However, our client’s burn injuries were 100% preventable had the nail salon followed these simple steps:

  • Properly trained its employees on how to safely provide pedicure services
  • Provided adequate education to its employees regarding the chemical solutions used for all treatments provided by the salon, including potentially dangerous ingredients in the solutions and the safe methods to use them on clients
  • Ensure that all nail technicians are licensed by the Board of Cosmetology as required by Texas law, and are up to date on ongoing education, including safety practices
  • Adequately supervised all client treatments in the salon, including manicures, pedicures, and skin treatments to observe the length of time that customers are exposed to chemical solutions
  • Ensure all employees know the signs to watch for with chemical burns and the safety protocols to follow in the event that an employee or customer experiences a chemical burn or reaction

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