Baby in magenta bouncy chair wearing blue and white onesieA 4-month-old boy suffered serious injuries in October 2022 when caregivers at a Missouri daycare center did not properly secure him in a bouncy chair and allowed other children to pull on the chair. The infant’s brain injuries—a skull fracture and brain bleed—were the result of the incident and the daycare center’s inaction following the scary events.

Our daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm joined forces with a Missouri law firm to deliver justice for the infant and his family. The settlement secured by our joint efforts compensated the family for the boy’s medical expenses, future treatments, and disruptions to the family’s life.

Missouri Daycare Center Delayed Care for Infant and Broke Childcare Laws

The Missouri daycare center neglected children in its care and broke numerous childcare laws that could have prevented this innocent infant from sustaining serious injuries that will have a lasting impact on his life.  

First, the daycare center placed the young boy in the care of workers who were unqualified and untrained. The center did not provide them with adequate training, and there was not a more experienced director or caregiver supervising them to ensure compliance with safety rules and regulations.

Secondly, the caregivers were not properly monitoring the infant and other children in the classroom at the time of the incident. Kids were able to use the chair he was insecurely placed in to prop themselves up and bounce on its back. Both caregivers responsible for the class were busy with other activities that distracted them and kept them from intervening to stop the dangerous activities.

The negligent workers also failed to follow state childcare laws after the chair flipped backward, which launched the infant out of the chair resulted in him falling face-first onto a concrete floor. The caregivers did not notify the state or the boy’s mother about the incident. It wasn’t until later that day that his mother noticed a palm-size bump on his head at bath time. She questioned the daycare the next morning. Eighteen hours after the boy sustained his injuries, daycare workers finally disclosed the injury. His mother then rushed him to the emergency room where doctors diagnosed him with a skull fracture and brain bleed.

The state cited the Missouri daycare center for its numerous failures related to the incident involving the infant boy, placed it on a 20-day corrective plan, and conducted a mandatory staff meeting to review all safety policies and licensing regulations regarding accidents and injuries.

How The Button Law Firm Helped This Missouri Family Move Forward

The serious nature of the 4-month-old boy’s injuries required extensive medical attention. Doctors treated the swelling to the right side of his head, redness to his left eye, increased drowsiness, and other symptoms of a brain injury.

He needed several additional appointments and underwent X-rays, scans, and an MRI to monitor the full extent of his injuries and his healing progress.

The incident also changed the quality of life for the boy and his mom. As you can imagine, the infant experienced immense pain and discomfort that disrupted his sleep and changed his temperament. The trauma he experienced at the Missouri daycare center also affected developmental milestones, such as making him fearful of walking even when accompanied by a parent.

His mother’s life was also altered by the daycare center’s failures. She became leery about placing her son in the care of other people, even her own family members, fearing for her son’s safety. Forced to return to work, she also faced difficulties trusting another childcare facility with her young son.

Our BLF daycare injury lawyers teamed up with a Missouri law firm to hold the negligent daycare center accountable. Our two firms successfully secured justice for the infant and his mother with a settlement agreement, compensating them for the boy’s injuries, costly medical bills, future treatments, and disruptions the incident caused to their lives.  

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