Young girl crying after being abusedA young girl was playing with her classmates at the start of naptime at a Rosenberg, Texas, daycare center when a daycare worker suddenly grabbed her by the arm and knocked her to the ground. The worker then tossed the young girl onto her nap mat with such force that she had to check if the little girl was hurt. The whole incident, which took place in November 2022, was caught on the daycare center’s surveillance cameras.

The young girl’s mother contacted our knowledgeable and compassionate daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm to hold the negligent daycare center in Rosenberg accountable for her daughter’s trauma and injuries. Our lawyers secured a settlement for the girl and her family to cover the necessary resources to help the girl heal from the trauma caused by the daycare’s negligence.

A Daycare Center in Rosenberg, Texas, Broke Numerous Childcare Laws

What the little girl endured at the hands of the adults who were supposed to protect her at the Rosenberg daycare center was unacceptable on many levels. The childcare facility broke the trust of the parents and numerous state laws, also known as minimum standards, which were created to prevent young children from being harmed by inappropriate discipline tactics. 

First, the Rosenberg, TX daycare center was responsible for ensuring that its workers were qualified caregivers who demonstrated competency, good judgement, and self-control. The worker who was charged with caring for our client’s daughter in this case turned out to not have the qualities needed to care for a group of children. She admitted to feeling overwhelmed, stating that the children’s behavior was “too much” for her, and ultimately quit her job at the center following the incident with the young girl.

Second, the center was required to train its workers on how to keep children in their care safe and supervise the workers to ensure they complied with their training. Some rules in the training were meant to cover required minimum standards, such as how caregivers should interact with children in a positive manner and not use corporal punishment tactics. In addition, the training should have covered rules around naptime, which include not forcing children to sleep and allowing children who are awake to participate in quiet activities. The required training was never conducted at the Rosenberg daycare center.

An independent investigation by the state of Texas’ Department of Family and Protective Services found the Rosenberg daycare center was in violation of laws focused on caregivers properly controlling the children in their care and using appropriate discipline tactics on the little girl.

Sadly, the incident involving our client’s young daughter was not the first time the daycare center in Rosenberg had been investigated by the state for the way caregivers treated children, especially how they punished children during naptime. A year prior, a caregiver forcibly grabbed and yanked another child by the arm to force them to lie down during naptime. Instead of holding the caregiver accountable—by firing or focusing on training the worker—the Rosenberg daycare center simply sent the worker on an early lunch.

The Button Law Firm Helped This Rosenberg, TX Family Move Forward

To cope with her traumatic experience, the little girl experienced several behavior changes following the incident. She stopped trusting adults and became extremely attached to her mother. In addition, she developed mood swings. 

Our Houston daycare injury lawyers helped the little girl and her family move forward with a settlement agreement that held the Rosenberg daycare center accountable for the girl’s traumatic experience and injuries. The family was compensated for their monetary and noneconomic damages. The settlement secured by lawyers at The Button Law Firm also covered resources like play therapy to help the little girl heal from her long-term emotional and mental injuries.

Let The Button Law Firm Help Your Family After Daycare Workers Use Unapproved Discipline Tactics

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