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How Quickly a Texas Car Accident Can Happen
Woman injured in car wreck holding her neck in pain.

In September of 2020, our client was visiting family here in Texas. She was sitting at a red light, patiently waiting for it to turn green when suddenly, another car came from behind and slammed into the back of her car at full speed. The police were called to the scene and our client was taken to get immediate medical care at an emergency room. She sustained painful injuries to her neck and spine, which have led to an onslaught of painful side effects like excruciating headaches.

Our client, already battling a preexisting heart condition, was hesitant to seek medical treatment in Texas. The COVID-19 pandemic was still raging on, and she did not have medical professionals in Texas with knowledge of her pre-existing heart condition. Once she returned to Kansas, she sought medical treatment for headaches, shoulder pain, and neck pain.

Our client received a great deal of physical therapy to help her get through her injuries. In addition to the physical injuries she experienced, she has suffered from non-economic damages as well. Her non-economic damages included things that changed her ability to live her life as she did for the wreck, such as hobbies she was passionate about, like sewing and making quilts. The pain she suffered from because of the wreck caused her to struggle to do simple tasks, like putting rollers in her hair and even falling asleep.

Our client developed anxiety and avoided driving as much as she possibly could because of the trauma she suffered. She often had to rely on others to drive her around. She missed many family gatherings and a great deal of the time she would usually spend with friends, eventually causing her to feel isolated and depressed.

All of this could have been avoided if the other driver was paying attention and had driven carefully.  Instead, this collision has caused an innocent person a great deal of physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering.

The Importance of Finding Answers with a Dallas Car Accident Lawyer

When our client was searching for answers, she found our law firm. We were the perfect match for her because our Texas car accident attorney has experience representing people all over the country. Since the wreck happened in Texas, it was important that she hired an attorney in that state, who was familiar with all of the nuances of Texas driving laws.

We immediately went to bat for our client. We went after the other driver, who, unfortunately, only had the minimum amount of required car insurance for the State of Texas. This was not nearly enough to cover all her medical bills, physical therapy, and help with the emotional damage she suffered. Thankfully, our client had uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on her car insurance policy. Our team worked hard to make sure her insurance company paid out what she was owed under her policy to get better and have the tools to move forward.

This car wreck should have never happened. In the end, our team helped our client secure justice after suffering from a variety of painful injuries by ensuring that she had the resources to get better. Going after the at-fault driver’s insurance ensured that reckless drivers are held accountable and showed our community that driving with such disregard for others is never okay.

How Our Texas Injury Lawyers Can Help You

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