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When an individual is attacked in a store or apartment complex, they assume that the attack was no one else's fault but the attacker. We are here to tell you that may not be the case 100 percent of the time. In fact, known criminals have admitted to planning attacks in locations that are known to lack security cameras, guards, or even proper lighting. In general, these attackers will target locations where they know that they will be able to get away with their crime, because security is sorely lacking. This astonishing fact had us very concerned for the safety of our community, and we encourage you to understand the need and concern for proper security measures as well. 

What is negligent security?

Negligent security is a term used in personal injury in which a situation occurs that a company knowingly neglects to enforce proper security measures despite the fact that it has proven to be needed in the past. 

When has it happened in the past?

We have seen negligent security in apartment complex properties, stores, restaurants, etc. In this particular situation, a Target patron was attacked at a Dallas store. Despite reporting his worries about the unsafe environment and potentional threats to the security guard on the grounds, proper security measures were not taken, and the patron was brutally attacked just outside of the store. This lack of seriousness in regards to security concerns us.

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How can we hold companies liable?

Target is a store that a majority of us constantly visit. We may not even consider Target stores a dangerous place to visit. But the reality of the situation is: Anywhere is dangerous without the proper security measures. It is an obvious statement, yet companies do not consider it as a part of their everyday procedures. In negligent security cases, its important for the jury to hold companies liable for their discretions in keeping in line with the law. If the Target in question was more cautious about the safety concerns brought up by partrons, this young man would not have been attacked and left with serious injuries. Attackers saw that the security measures would not be enforced, and acted.

At the Button Law Firm, we consider negligent security a serious offense. We must hold companies accountable for their security measures, or lack of security measures for the safety of our citizens. When companies neglect to consider how important their patrons are, we come into the picture. Whether you are an employee or customer who has been a victim of an attack in a company building that has been known to lack security despite extranuating circumstances.

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