crowded dark outdoor bar with inadequate security and little social distancingWhen visiting a bar or nightclub, patrons expect to be safe throughout their visit. Yet, sometimes events such as shootings, sexual assaults, and robberies occur, causing traumatic injuries and mental anguish for the victims. Could the bar be to blame for what happened to you? If negligent or inadequate security can be proven, with the help of an experienced Texas negligent security attorneythe bar or nightclub may be responsible for some of your losses.

When Is a Bar or Nightclub Negligent?

Proving inadequate security isn’t easy to do, but there are some instances in which the actions the bar or nightclub took or did not take directly impacted your safety at their location. Examples of potential incidents of negligence include:

  • The nightclub failed to have enough staff. This can be a safety risk for patrons in the facility, putting everyone at risk because there was not enough security present.
  • The bar allowed too many people into the establishment. Not limiting people to stated capacity is negligence, especially in bars and nightclubs where people are up and moving around often.
  • The bar did not check IDs at the door. When a bar allows patrons under the legal age to consume alcohol, they might be held accountable if the underage drinker is injured or fails to get home safely.
  • Poor lighting. Dark bathrooms and parking lots may make it more likely for assaults to occur.

How Could You Be Injured?

There are many instances in which these types of safety violations put patrons at risk for serious incidents to occur. What could happen to patrons in unsafe establishments? They could be injured or killed in an incident such as:

If the establishment is even partly at fault for allowing the incident that left you injured to occur, they could be found liable for some of your losses.

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured as a Result of Inadequate Security

If you’ve been hurt in a bar or nightclub, don’t waste any time getting help. There are several things you should do right away:

  • Get medical attention immediately. Go to the emergency room even if you think you may be okay. This is an important step for protecting your right to compensation by documenting your injuries.
  • Call the authorities. Don’t leave the scene of the incident unless it is not safe to remain there. Call the police, file a report about what occurred, and ask the police to gather evidence in your case.
  • Document what happened. When possible and safe to do, take photos of the area and what evidence is available (be sure to let the police handle collection of evidence). Ask for the names and contact information of anyone who witnessed the event. Give that information to the policy directly.
  • Contact an attorney. Don’t wait to call an attorney, especially if you are facing significant damages from the incident. Many personal injury attorneys also take negligent security cases.

While the police might be pursuing criminal charges against the person or people who directly injured you, you will need an attorney representing you to pursue a case for negligent security against the bar or nightclub. These are not criminal charges, but rather a claim for monetary damages to make up for your losses.

Potential Recovery for Your Losses

Realize that an incident like this can lead to numerous complications and losses for you. There’s no doubt that there’s emotional scarring, but your losses may extend beyond that. Some examples may include:

  • Medical bills, including emergency room bills
  • Rehabilitation costs for the recovery process
  • Medication costs
  • Pain and suffering claims
  • Loss of ability to work
  • Wrongful death if your loved one died

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