Houston father and husband was shot and killed because of inadequate security at his apartment complex.In 2017, after finishing dinner with his family, a Houston man left his apartment to take trash to the complex’s dumpster in a dark area. The apartment complex was in a high-crime neighborhood and had inadequate security with many safety beaches and failures known by the owners of the facility. Tragically, the man was shot and killed by unknown assailants who were able to enter the complex through broken vehicle gates. He left behind a wife and two children.

Our personal injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm fought to get justice for this grieving family and honor the memory of their late husband and father by holding the negligent apartment management company and the complex’s owners accountable for the failures that led to the man’s untimely death.

How a Houston Apartment Management Company Failed a Family

There was no reason for the man to have been killed at the Houston apartment complex. The complex was in an area known to attract crime, yet the owner and management company chose not to take the necessary steps to protect the man and other residents. The company did not conduct safety audits such as a lighting survey to address dark areas or a security vulnerability assessment throughout the community. In fact, five months before the man’s death, the company received 37 notifications about the broken and open gate. However, they never took steps to repair or replace the security gate.

In addition, the company was notified 22 times about lighting issues around the complex, ranging from lightbulbs being burned out to a lack of lighting fixtures all together. Just days before the man’s murder, security lights were reported out in the area where he was killed. Again, the apartment owners and managers did not act on these reports.

The Houston apartment complex also did not have adequate security training or simple measures such as a dedicated security service to monitor surveillance footage of the few working cameras around the premises.

The complex’s single security guard, who was responsible for patrolling the area for six hours each night, logged incidents of criminal activity, phone calls made to the Houston Police Department, and safety concerns. These detailed reports were turned into the management office each day. The management company still neglected to make corrective measures.

Oddly, the owner of the complex and management company testified the daily security reports were either destroyed or lost leading up to the man’s murder.

Not Dying in Vain: How The Button Law Firm Got Justice for this Houston Family

The failures of the Houston apartment complex owner and management company caused the man to lose his life too soon, leaving a grieving family to pick up the pieces. Our compassionate personal injury lawyers fought for the man and his family in this tragic inadequate security case. We held the complex owner and management company accountable for their negligence—turning a blind eye to the hazards that placed the man and other residents at risk.

Our lawyers fought to compensate the family for the pain and suffering their husband and father suffered prior to his death, medical expenses incurred from his injury, and funeral and burial expenses. His widow and children were also compensated for wrongful death damages, survival damages, mental anguish, and loss of consortium. While the settlement won’t bring back their husband and dad, it helped them get some peace to move forward.

The Button Law Firm Can Help Your Family with an Inadequate Security Case

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