What is an Inadequate Security Claim?

An Inadequate Security Claim, or sometimes called a negligent security claim, is a legal term that we use to describe a claim against an entity or business for not taking the proper steps to keep people safe from criminal activity.

Basically, it's when someone is a victim of a crime that could have been prevented with reasonable safety and security measures.

For example, when a property owner or management company should have known when crime was happening in or around their property. They must take steps to prevent, deter or reduce crime from it.

When business owners don't acknowledge the warning signs of crime and dangerous activity, fail to take reasonable steps to keep people safe, and allow their patrons, tenants, visitors, and employees to be subjected to violence, they can be held responsible for their lack of care and negligence.

Where Do Inadequate Security Claims Happen?

Inadequate or negligent security claims usually come from incidents occurring at

What Lack of Care Can Lead to a Negligent or Inadequate Security Claim?

These claims typically involve situations where reasonable steps to keep places safe were not taken.

For example:

  • when owners don't evaluate security threats on an ongoing and regular basis
  • when fences and gates are left  unlocked, open, or broken
  • when security cameras are not working or the area isn't being monitored by a security patrol officer
  • prior crimes like assaults, robberies, and even property crime go ignored by management and ownership
  • employees, tenants and patrons aren't warned of recent criminal activity,
  • and the property has areas with bad lighting.

These failures can cause heartbreaking and life-changing injuries and even death to innocent people. The worst part of these types of claims is that the damage was preventable had the owner just taken the reasonable steps, similar to how most of us lock our doors and turn on our security systems.

What to Do If You or a Loved One is a Victim of Inadequate Security in Texas

It's important that property owners and managers are held accountable for their negligence and inadequate security, so it doesn't happen again. If you were a loved one was seriously injured because of inadequate security. Be sure to reach out to us. Our team is experienced in navigating these complex claims.

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