What’s better than one all-star team of Texas negligent security lawyers? Two all-star teams. That’s what it took recently for us to solve a tough personal injury case for a client whom we’ll call Bethany.

Texas Woman is Attacked and Hurt at Apartment Complex

Bethany was attacked at her apartment complex while checking her mail. She tried to escape the thief, but she got tangled in her purse. The attacker dragged her by her Apartment with little lighting bag for 20 feet, pulling her body down steps and across a parking lot.

As you can imagine, the incident was traumatizing for Bethany. It left her with a broken hip and a torn rotator cuff. She needed extensive surgery and had to restructure her life after the attack. That included giving up the four things that brought her the most joy: golfing, bowling, traveling, and helping families through her work. Even brushing her hair and using the restroom is now difficult.

Rising Crime Rates and Lack of Security Create Dangerous Conditions in Texas Neighborhood

Crime was on the rise in the area where Bethany lived. Her apartment complex was well aware of the danger, but management took no steps to keep Bethany and her fellow residents safe. There were no security cameras or fences around the complex, the staff was untrained, and the community's safety procedures were unclear.

Is Texas Apartment Complex to Blame for Woman’s Injuries?

As soon as we saw Bethany’s case, we knew that these management failures were to blame for her injuries. To get Bethany the best possible outcome, Scott Snellings brought us onto the case. Scott is a great friend of ours and a brilliant litigator who runs a personal injury firm in Frisco, Texas. We have collaborated with Scott and his team on several cases.

Texas Law Firms Make Sure Woman’s Medical Bills Are Paid 

Working together, we secured Bethany the compensation she deserved to cover her medical bills, future care needs, and help her build a new life after her trauma.

It was a privilege to work with Scott and to represent someone as kind and deserving as Bethany. We hope that going forward, she lives a long, happy, and safe life!

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