Person at a texas event with the word security written on their backWhen a person visits a location, they expect a certain level of safety. But sometimes, organizations fail to provide proper security for an event, and people suffer injuries. There are many types of injuries that can result from situations like this, and those injuries often have debilitating, life-changing, and even fatal results. 

What Is Inadequate or Negligent Security in Texas?

Texas inadequate security occurs when a property owner or business is aware of security risks on their property but does not take the necessary measures to protect people.

But just because something goes wrong at an event, that doesn’t mean there was negligent security. There are many situations where negligent security does not apply simply because there was no way for the company to predict a particular type of incident occurring on the property. Yet, if there was some level of expectation of risk, even a minor one, it is likely that the property owner should have taken action to minimize that risk to people on the property. Failing to do so may be considered negligent. 

The Risks of Negligent Security

There are many potential risk factors that can occur when a location is not secured and people are welcomed into the area, including robbery, assault, sexual violence, shootings, and a number of other violent crimes.

For example, if a location knew it was hosting a large sale and failed to provide enough security, that could allow for theft to occur. It may also lead to people hurting others in a scramble to scoop up a bargain. Or, if there is a concert taking place, the venue or the performer may be responsible if there was a lack of security present that failed to check for weapons or could not act when a fight breaks out. 

Types of Injuries That May Occur as a Result of Negligent Security

The possible injuries in a case like this range widely based on the actual type of incident. Take a look at a few examples of serious injuries that typically can occur:

  • Brain injuries: A person could be hit in the head with something, have something thrown at them, or suffer damage from a blow to the face, causing numerous brain injuries, including traumatic ones.
  • Spinal injuries: A fight, a motor vehicle-related accident, or other types of violent acts may lead to someone suffering debilitating spinal injuries, including those injuries that lead to impairment and mobility loss. 
  • Internal injuries: Weapons are a common cause of internal injuries, but even fists alone can cause lacerations and damage to organs and tissues, as can being hit with an object. 
  • Emotional injuries: It is not uncommon for these types of violent acts to also lead to emotional damage, including the development of mental health disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder and a lack of ability to enjoy life. 
  • Broken bones: It is not uncommon for a violent act to lead to broken bones, including legs, arms, hands, ribs, and other bones, often causing the need for long-term rehab. 
  • Eye injuries: Damage to the eye may lead to blindness or other complications to sight due to the actions of others.

What to Do if You’re the Victim of Inadequate Security

If you’ve suffered an injury resulting from a violent act or another loss brought on by a lack of security, your first step is to get medical care. Even if you think you are okay, visit a medical provider. This may help you document what occurred and the type of injuries brought on specifically by the event. 

Then, seek out help in several steps:

  • Talk to the police. Be sure to file a police report documenting the incident in full.
  • If possible, gather any witnesses' names and contact information – people you were with or anyone else around.
  • If still at the scene, be sure to take photos of the area if it is safe. Do not put yourself in harm’s way during this process. 

Once you receive care, call a personal injury attorney for immediate help. Don’t speak to the insurance company or anyone else about the incident until you talk to your attorney. This can help to preserve your right to compensation.

Potential Damages and Recoveries from Inadequate Security

If you’ve suffered a loss due to the lack of security presence, and you can prove negligence, it may be possible to recover those losses. Some examples of potential losses include:

  • Medical costs, including current costs and future costs related to rehabilitation, surgeries, and other care you may need
  • Lost income from time missed at work as a result of the incident
  • Prescription medication coverage as needed
  • Out-of-pocket costs associated with your care and needs
  • Rehabilitation support, including updates to your home as needed 
  • Pain and suffering losses 

How a Lawyer Can Help You

Proving negligence in security can be challenging. That’s why it’s important to work closely with an attorney who can guide you through the legal process. It’s essential to prove that there was an expectation of risk at the event and, as a result, there was an expectation for the property owner to provide security.

With the help of a personal injury attorney in Texas, you can learn more about the steps you need to take to prove your case. That may include gathering evidence, recreating the incident, and speaking to witnesses. It may also mean uncovering all of the losses you’ve suffered as a result of this incident so you receive fair compensation owed to you.

The Button Law Firm can help you by providing you with information and guiding you in the process of getting compensation owed to you after such an incident. Don’t wait to contact us to discuss your case privately and openly.

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