Posted on Mar 12, 2024

Child with scratches on her face from daycare negligenceSPRING, Texas — The mother of a 2-year-old girl has taken legal action, with representation from The Button Law Firm, against Spell Well Montessori School, alleging that caregivers lost track of her child, leading to a series of safety violations. In June 2023, the mother received notification from the school about scratches on her daughter's face, prompting her to seek answers by questioning the school’s staff.

Caregiver's Conflicting Accounts: Unraveling the Spell Well Montessori Cover-Up

According to the lawsuit, administrators at Spell Well Montessori initially provided vague explanations for her daughter’s injury. However, they eventually admitted that the toddler had been found alone outside the facility. Disturbingly, the school couldn't clarify how or when the child managed to exit the premises.

To exacerbate the situation, the caregiver responsible for the child and the school administration provided five different versions of the incident to the mom and state investigators. The lawsuit also reveals that the video footage for the toddler's classroom was mysteriously "lost" and "unavailable" despite the absence of issues with other classroom recordings that day.

To read the entire filed complaint, click here.

Legal Action Unfolded: The Mother's Fight for Accountability at the Spring, Texas Daycare

The mother expressed her disbelief at the school's attempts to downplay her daughter's disappearance, stating, "As a mom, I have one top concern: my child’s safety. The school’s repeated lapses in judgment show they do not share that priority. This lawsuit is about standing up for my family and other working parents who rely on childcare."

Spell Well Montessori's Safety Violations Exposed by a Texas Health and Human Services Commission Investigation

Spell Well Montessori, previously promoting itself as a haven for children's safety, now faces scrutiny from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. The investigation into this incident resulted in citations for putting the toddler at risk and failing to supervise her properly. A facility walkthrough during the investigation uncovered two additional safety violations on top of the 23 the school had received between October 2020 and October 2023.

Daycare Injury Attorney Russell Button Discusses the Spell Well Montessori Case

Daycare injury attorney Russell Button, founder of The Button Law Firm and the attorney representing the family, emphasizes the significance of child safety and accountability at Spell Well Montessori. He comments, "It is disheartening to see a school fail to protect the children in its care. No family should endure the pain of a child wandering unnoticed, let alone witness efforts to conceal such negligence. We aim to emphasize the importance of honesty, vigilance, and accountability at Spell Well Montessori."

How The Button Law Firm Can Help Your Family After Your Child is Injured by a Negligent Daycare

If your child has experienced an injury or incident at a daycare facility due to negligence or inadequate supervision, it's crucial to seek legal assistance immediately. At The Button Law Firm, we are experienced in representing families affected by daycare injuries, and we are here to help you navigate the legal process. Our experienced team of daycare injury attorneys understands the complexities of these cases and will work tirelessly to hold negligent daycare centers accountable for their actions.

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