Posted on Aug 30, 2023

Texas Daycare Injury Attorney Russell Button and Ashley WashingtonST. PETERS, MISSOURI – The powerhouse Dallas daycare injury attorney team at The Button Law Firm has joined forces with Finney Injury Law of St. Louis to file a lawsuit against Kids Kingdom, a faith-based daycare through Encounter Church.

What Happened at This Faith-Based Daycare?

The lawsuit, which was filed on July 26 in the Circuit Court of St. Charles County, claims that a four-month-old infant suffered a skull fracture and experienced a brain bleed because of the injury. The lawsuit claims that caregivers at Kids Kingdom didn’t properly secure the child after placing him in a bouncy chair. It flipped while he was in the chair, causing him to slam his head onto the hard flooring at the daycare. While this happened, the caregivers failed to supervise the young child along with other children in their care.

According to the lawsuit, caregivers immediately tried to cover their tracks when they discovered the child’s injury – they did so by immediately disposing of the bouncy chair the child was in.

“We knew The Button Law Firm was the right partner for this case with their proven track record against negligent daycare centers,” says attorney Chris Finney of Finney Injury Law. “When an innocent baby is severely injured, we don’t hesitate to take that extra step of putting a team together that can get results and help a family get justice.”

Learn More About The Texas Daycare Injury Attorneys Who Were Brought Onto This Case

Attorneys Russell Button and Ashley Washington are experienced in handling daycare abuse and neglect lawsuits and claims. The Button Law Firm’s team has previously handled cases involving injuries and trauma due to negligent caregivers, physical and sexual abuse, bottle warmer burns, finger injuries, and more.

“As a combined force, our firms are dedicated to pursuing every avenue to hold Kids Kingdom accountable for its disregard of safety laws and attempted cover-up following the incident,” says Russell Button.

Getting Help After Your Child Suffered Abuse or Neglect at Daycare

Our team understands just how devastating it is to learn that your child suffered from a serious and preventable injury at daycare. That’s exactly why we have joined forces with Finney Injury Law – to send a message to daycares around the country that abuse and neglect of children will not be tolerated.

If your child has suffered from a serious injury at daycare, and you’re looking for answers, be sure to reach out to the daycare injury legal team at The Button Law Firm. Our team has years of experience holding negligent daycares accountable for harming children.

If you want to get started and tell us your story, call us at (214) 699-4409 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. You can also reach out to a member of our team by clicking here to start a chat.

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