Posted on Jul 19, 2023

Life Time Fitness ClubFRISCO, TX – A North Texas family is being represented by The Button Law Firm in a case against Life Time Fitness after their toddler son was physically abused by another child.

What Happened at This Dallas-Area Gym Daycare?

North Texas parents, Carol and Paul Butera, took their two young sons, ages two and four, to the gym with them and dropped the kids off at the gym’s daycare. Trusting this luxury gym’s childcare facility would keep their kids safe, the parents went to work out and use the gym’s other amenities.

When their children went to the daycare, their two-year-old was grabbed by an unknown older child and taken to a play structure. The older child then stripped the clothes off the two-year-old and assaulted him by repeatedly hitting and punching him in the genitals.

No staff members intervened, even though the young boy had been screaming. It wasn’t until the toddler’s four-year-old brother heard his cries for help and called for the caregivers’ attention that the assault stopped.

The Buteras were then called by the caregivers to the childcare area, but staff were unable to explain what had just transpired. The parents called police when they realized something had been seriously wrong after noticing their son’s genitals were inflamed when checking him for injuries.

Even though this was discovered, the gym didn’t want to give parents the video footage of the incident. The parents didn’t find out what really happened to their son until the Frisco Police Department got involved.

To read the entire complaint, click here.

How Could This Incident Have Been Prevented?

Incidents like the one this two-year-old suffered are preventable. Life Time Fitness and its employees had a responsibility to keep these children safe. Yet, when it came to ensuring that the Buteras’ son was out of harm’s way, they did not do their job.  

How The Button Law Firm is Helping This North Texas Family

The Button Law Firm, working alongside Snellings Law PLLC of Frisco, Texas, has filed a lawsuit against Life Time Fitness. In this lawsuit, they working to ensure the child can recover from the damages he has suffered at the hands of this gym and their negligent caregivers.

The family’s attorney, Russell Button, stated, “Our clients trusted the several safety promises that Life Time made to its members and never fathomed how the facility and its workers would fail their young son.”

The Lasting Trauma of Abuse and Neglect at Daycare

Although this child was just two years old, the impact of what he endured will last a long time. His physical injuries may heal, but he will continue to relive the torture he went through.

The gym and its childcare employees displayed clear negligence in several ways. Primarily, though, because the child wasn’t being watched to begin with, and even when the child was screaming for help, none of the caregivers came to stop the abuse.

How The Button Law Firm Helps Families After Children Suffer from Gym Daycare Injuries

The Button Law Firm has years of experience helping families after their young one has suffered from an injury at a gym daycare. To learn more about how we’ve helped out families in the past, read our success story below.

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As child advocates, we work to help children who were injured in gym childcare facilities, daycare centers, and more. No child should suffer harm due to someone else’s negligence. If your child was harmed, click here to learn more about how The Button Law Firm might be able to help you.

How to Contact The Button Law Firm After Your Child Suffers From an Injury at a Gym’s Daycare

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