Posted on Apr 21, 2023

Screenshot of article from Focus Daily NewsFocus Daily News is featuring the story of a Button Law Firm client whose toddler son was severely injured in a bottle warmer incident at Discovery Children’s Academy, an Ellis County Daycare.

The article, shared by the Midlothian publication, details how the daycare's negligence led to the child inappropriately playing on a changing table cart where a bottle warmer filled with scalding hot water was knocked over and spilled all over him.

The child sustained painful burns to his body and legs from the spill, yet the caregivers in the room did nothing to seek immediate medical help, nor did they call the child’s parents to alert them of the injury.

The father came to pick his child up from daycare and immediately noticed the child’s burn marks – that’s when he rushed the child to the emergency room to get medical attention.

In the article, the family’s attorney, Russell Button, is quoted saying, “Common sense safety standards mandated by the state only work if daycares follow them. This little boy should not have had to experience severe burns on nearly half of his body. The persistent disregard for the safety of vulnerable young children at Discovery Children’s Academy is shocking.”

According to the article, the Texas Health and Human Services and Texas Department of Family Protective Services “substantiated Mattox’s allegations regarding the daycare’s lack of supervision and safety practices.”

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What to Do If Your Child Was Hurt at a Daycare

If your child has suffered a daycare injury, including severe burn injuries, from a baby bottle warmer, it’s important to get help immediately. Be sure to take your child to the emergency room for immediate medical attention. After your child has been treated, reach out to the proper reporting agencies and report the incident to the state. Learn how to report a daycare injury to the state of Texas by clicking here.

After you’ve completed those two important steps, reach out to a daycare injury attorney as soon as possible. The statute of limitations to file a civil claim against a daycare is typically two years – so it’s important that you get started soon.

A daycare injury attorney will have experience gathering the right information, conducting investigations, and helping your child find the right treatment after the injury. It’s important that you get an attorney experienced in these types of injuries to children, as they have unique experiences to help your family move forward.

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How to Contact The Button Law Firm’s Texas Daycare Injury Attorneys

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