Posted on Apr 03, 2024

Button Law Firm Featured in Hotel News ResourceBRANSON, Missouri – Publication Hotel News Resource has featured the recent news that The Button Law Firm has joined a lawsuit against a Missouri hotel. Several children suffered serious injuries due to chemicals being poured into the pool while the children were still in it.

The Button Law Firm’s Child Injury Attorneys Join Lawsuit Against Grand Plaza Hotel

According to the article, Russell Button and Ashley Knarr, esteemed child injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm, were enlisted by Finney Injury Law to represent three Jefferson County families in a case against the Grand Plaza Hotel in Branson, Missouri. The complaint against the hotel says that the luxury resort negligently treated its pool with commercial-grade chemicals while guests, including children, were present, resulting in severe injuries to multiple individuals. Notably, one young girl suffered permanent damage to her lungs and throat due to exposure to these harsh chemicals.

The lawsuit, which garnered significant media attention earlier this year, including coverage by The Kansas City Star, Leader Publications, and Hotel News Resource, highlights the need for comprehensive safety measures in hospitality establishments.

The Importance of Joining Forces to Get Justice

The article from Hotel News Resource shares further details about the case. According to the article, Chris Finney of Finney Injury Law emphasized the significance of collaborating with The Button Law Firm, citing our experience and dedication to securing justice for families who have suffered injuries due to negligence. Attorneys Russell Button and Ashley Knarr have built distinguished reputations for advocating for families through impactful litigation, particularly in cases involving children. Both attorneys are esteemed members of the legal community, recognized for their exceptional contributions and named on the prestigious Texas Super Lawyers List.

Attorney Russell Button Shares More About Holding the Grand Plaza Hotel Accountable for Injuries

Russell Button emphasized the importance of holding establishments accountable for preventable incidents that cause harm to innocent individuals. Button stated, "When multiple children suffer serious injuries, and one faces lasting health issues due to a preventable incident, our collective goal remains steadfast: prioritizing safety above all,"

Ashley Knarr echoed this sentiment, stating, " Our commitment to these families extends beyond the courtroom. Before the summer travel season gets underway, we hope this case forces Grand Plaza Hotel and other resorts to review safety policies and have the right systems in place to protect even the youngest guests."

She highlighted the importance of implementing robust safety protocols in hospitality settings to safeguard guests, especially children, from potential harm.

The Case’s Significance: Setting a Precedent for Hotel Pool Safety

The case serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of negligence within the hospitality industry.

As our team at The Button Law Firm continues our relentless pursuit of justice for its clients, we remain committed to advocating for safety and accountability in all facets of our practice.

How The Button Law Firm Helps Families Move Forward After a Serious Injury

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