Posted on Mar 27, 2023

Toddler boy in white t-shirt crying after being abused by caregiver.What Happened at This Dallas-Area Daycare?

IRVING, TEXAS – The Button Law Firm is representing a working mother in North Texas in a lawsuit filed against Little Dumplings Daycare after her two-year-old child was inappropriately punished while at the facility. The child’s mother, Nataly Radwan, noticed that her son frequently came home with unexplained injuries. She logged onto the daycare’s live stream and discovered that her son had been physically disciplined when a caregiver yanked his arm. Additionally, she saw that caregivers purposely ignored the toddler’s requests for food and water as punishment.

You can read the entire petition here.

What Are the Effects of Abuse and Neglect at a Daycare?

This daycare, like many others, promised that it would provide a safe learning environment and peace of mind for working parents like Ms. Radwan. However, the daycare failed to do so.

In the aftermath of this incident, the mother and her toddler faced several damages and injuries, including:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of wage and loss of wage-earning capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

These things will change the trajectory of this child’s life forever – simply because the daycare’s caregivers ignored rules and harmed the child.

Little Dumplings Daycare’s History of Safety Violations

Licensed daycares in the state of Texas are required to follow safety rules and regulations that are put into place to keep kids safe. However, some daycares and their staff ignore these rules and put kids in harm’s way.

This incident is not the first time Little Dumplings Daycare in Irving, Texas, has committed violations. The Button Law Firm investigated the daycare’s past violations with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and found that the daycare had committed numerous violations in the past, including:

  • Allowing a caregiver to care for children without a cleared background check
  • Violating proper child-to-caregiver ratios on multiple occasions
  • Allowing a caregiver to care for children without a required affidavit of employment
  • Caregiver on a personal device while caring for children
  • Allowing caregivers to care for children without completing training requirements

What are Texas Daycares Supposed to Do to Keep Children Safe?

Daycares must follow the state of Texas’ guidelines and minimum standards for childcare centers. When these standards are disregarded, children are at risk of catastrophic injuries or even death.

Abuse, neglect, and other reasons for daycare injuries must not go ignored, and daycares must be held accountable.

Daycare directors and owners who notice issues with their caregivers, like cutting corners or inappropriately punishing kids, must take swift action to prevent children, like Ms. Radwan’s son, from suffering from a variety of injuries, both physical and emotional.

What to Do if Your Child Was Abused or Neglected While at Daycare

If you have a child who was abused or neglected at daycare, it’s essential to take immediate action. Children should never be injured, emotionally or physically, by their caregivers.

If your child was harmed, call our Texas Daycare Injury Attorneys. Our firm has the experience, resources, and knowledge to help your child move forward after suffering from a life-altering injury. Contact us by calling (214) 699-4409 or filling out the form below.

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