Posted on May 15, 2024

Child wandering alone outsideWACO, Texas - In a notable feature by Waco's Fox 44 News (KWKT), the spotlight fell on the troubling circumstances surrounding a daycare negligence case represented by our team at The Button Law Firm. The story, which unfolded in Seven Points, Texas, serves as a reminder of the importance of proper childcare supervision and the pursuit of accountability when those responsibilities are breached.

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What Happened at This Texas Daycare?

Stephanie Morgan and Justin Brannon, parents of two toddlers aged 17 to 20 months, were horrified to learn that a concerned passerby had discovered their children outside a local bank in December 2023. The incident raised serious questions about the level of care provided by Building Blocks Childcare Center and its owner, Steven Stearman.

The Fox 44 News feature shared more about the distressing details of the toddlers' ordeal. From being found with soaked diapers to painful grass stickers clinging to their clothes, the children's condition spoke volumes about the neglect they endured. Stephanie Morgan's emotional recounting of the events captured the heartbreak and frustration experienced by the families involved. "My heart was broken upon learning how little Building Blocks Childcare Center actually cared for my child, and further disrespected us by lying. We selected this daycare center based on its claims of providing a nurturing environment and superior childcare, which were clearly lies as well," Morgan expressed.

Inaction by Texas Daycare Following an Incident: Dallas Daycare Injury Lawyer Addresses Concerns

The news coverage also shed light on the daycare center's subsequent actions—or lack thereof. Despite the severity of the situation, Building Blocks Childcare Center failed to promptly notify the parents and resorted to dishonesty when questioned about the incident. The revelation of multiple conflicting stories further eroded trust and intensified the families' resolve to seek justice.

Russell Button, founder of and attorney at The Button Law Firm, wanted to highlight the systemic failures within the daycare system. "The multiple red flags in this daycare negligence case are concerning," Button remarked, emphasizing our firm's commitment to holding negligent parties accountable and advocating for stricter childcare regulations.

The Fox 44 News feature highlighted not only the plight of individual families but also the broader implications of daycare negligence for child safety. By amplifying their voices, the news segment sparked a broader conversation about the need for transparency and accountability within the childcare industry.

As the legal proceedings unfold, our team at The Button Law Firm remains steadfast in our pursuit of justice on behalf of our clients. Through meticulous investigation and advocacy, the firm seeks to not only secure recovery for the victims but also effect systemic changes to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

The Fox 44 News coverage serves as a reminder of the critical role media plays in holding institutions accountable and advocating for the well-being of vulnerable populations. By shining a light on this troubling case of daycare negligence, Fox 44 News has contributed to the ongoing dialogue surrounding childcare safety and the rights of children and families.

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The Button Law Firm is a Texas-based personal injury law firm focused on advocating for children and families affected by daycare and child-related injuries. With a focus on compassion and justice, our firm leverages our experience to empower clients and effect positive change within communities. Through unwavering dedication and tireless advocacy, The Button Law Firm continues to be a voice for those who need it most.

Contacting The Button Law Firm After a Serious Daycare Injury

At The Button Law Firm, we're here for families when they need us most. We work diligently to protect their rights and seek justice in challenging times. Committed to holding negligent parties responsible, we aim to create safer communities for children in Texas and beyond. To learn about how we've helped families dealing with daycare issues, click here.

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