Posted on Apr 01, 2024

KTLA Features Lawsuit Involving The Button Law FirmLOS ANGELES, California – KTLA, a renowned Los Angeles news station, has shared a story detailing updates on a Missouri Hotel Injury Lawsuit that The Button Law Firm has joined. According to the article, The Button Law Firm, notorious for our relentless pursuit of justice in cases involving child injuries, recently gained nationwide attention through our involvement in a high-profile lawsuit.

Russell Button and Ashley Knarr, distinguished child injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm in Texas, were enlisted by St. Louis-based personal injury firm Finney Injury Law to represent three Jefferson County families seeking justice against the Grand Plaza Hotel in Branson. The lawsuit claims negligence on the part of the luxury resort, which led to severe injuries among children due to exposure to harmful pool chemicals during their stay in May 2021.

The remarkable dedication of Russell Button and Ashley Knarr advocating for the rights of vulnerable children has not gone unnoticed. Our firm’s involvement in the lawsuit against the Grand Plaza Hotel captured the attention of media outlets nationwide, including KTLA. This prominent feature on KTLA highlights the significance of our efforts in seeking justice for the affected families and sheds light on the pressing issue of child safety in recreational facilities and hotels.

Media Coverage the Missouri Lawsuit Has Gained

The lawsuit, which gained traction earlier this year, garnered widespread coverage from various media platforms, including The Kansas City Star, Leader Publications, and Hotel News Resource. By amplifying the voices of the affected families, the media coverage has played a pivotal role in raising awareness and fostering accountability.

The Button Law Firm’s Commitment to Justice

Russell Button and Ashley Knarr's collaboration with Finney Injury Law exemplifies The Button Law Firm team’s unwavering commitment to seeking justice for those harmed by negligence. Our team’s combined knowledge and dedication have propelled the pursuit of justice forward, offering hope to the families affected by the horrifying incident at the Grand Plaza Hotel.

Advocacy Beyond the Courtroom: How The Button Law Firm Helps After Children Are Injured

The Button Law Firm's recent feature on KTLA highlights our steadfast commitment to advocating for child safety and seeking justice for those harmed by negligence. Our team's tireless efforts in the high-profile lawsuit against the Grand Plaza Hotel underscore the importance of holding those responsible for ensuring the safety of guests, particularly children, accountable.

The Button Law Firm's dedication extends beyond legal proceedings, as attorneys Russell Button and Ashley Knarr strive to effect meaningful change in the realm of child safety. By advocating for comprehensive safety measures in childcare facilities, we aim to prevent future tragedies and protect the well-being of children nationwide. Our proactive approach underscores our commitment to making communities safer for all.

Contacting The Button Law Firm After Your Child Suffers from a Severe Injury

If your child was the victim of a severe injury at a hotel, The Button Law Firm is here to provide the support and legal guidance you need. Our experienced team understands the unique challenges in such cases and is dedicated to helping families navigate the legal process. We prioritize the well-being of your child and work tirelessly to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions. Don't hesitate to reach out for a free case evaluation and take the first step toward securing the justice and recovery your family deserves.

To contact our team, call (214) 699-4409 or fill out the contact form on our website. You can also reach out to a member of our team by starting a chat.

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