Our personal injury attorneys reached a settlement for a Texas woman who was disfigured by a dog biteIn March 2022, a Centerville woman was in her front yard when a neighbor’s large, dangerous dog escaped from the neighbor’s property and brutally attacked her. During the attack, the woman managed to pull herself up onto a nearby fence post, where she narrowly escaped being killed by the vicious dog and waited for EMS to arrive.  

The attack left the woman's lower leg with a catastrophic wound: skin, tissue, tendons, muscles, blood vessels, and numerous parts of her inner leg were missing, and the remaining parts were visible. She was rushed by ambulance to the nearest emergency room for life-saving treatment.

The Centerville woman called upon our dog attack personal injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm and another North Texas firm to get justice. Joining forces, the two firms fought to hold the negligent dog owner accountable for the woman’s life-altering injuries caused by the dog attack. With the settlement secured together, she can move forward.

How the Dog Attack Severely Injured Our Client in Centerville

The neighbor was aware of his dog’s dangerous capabilities. He had a “Beware of Dog” sign on his fence. The dog, in this case, had a history of aggressively barking at people, and it had previously killed our client’s cat when it escaped from the fenced yard.

Yet, the dog owner in Centerville remained negligent in protecting the public and his neighbors, including our client. He never properly secured the fence after his dog’s first escape, which killed our client’s cat. He chose not to address it despite knowing his dangerous dog could easily exit the property.

Our client nearly lost her leg because of the horrendous attack and required extensive medical attention and treatments. The severe injury resulted in blood flow to her leg being cut off, which caused tissue and 16 square inches of skin to die. She underwent four different medical procedures and had to be placed on 13 different medications to treat infections and manage her intense pain.

The dog attack left our client in Centerville not only disfigured but she was unable to leave her home without assistance, experienced poor balance, and had to spend months doing therapy at home. She went from being active and exercising daily to using a wheelchair to move around.

Her home also required extensive modifications to be accessible for the wheelchair. She continues to struggle with normal functions like walking, sleeping, household chores, and recreational activities.

The dog attack also took an emotional toll on our client. She thought she was going to die while the dog attack was happening. She is afraid to leave her house and will not exit a vehicle if she spots a dog nearby. A social person by nature, she was unable to participate in celebrations with family and friends leading up to her son’s wedding due to her ongoing pain and limited mobility, leaving her depressed.

Winning a Settlement to Move Forward

Our dog attack lawyers worked hard with another Texas law firm to ensure our client, the Centerville woman, was rightfully compensated for all the damages she was owed. The settlement secured by our team helped reimburse her for medical expenses, disruption to her quality of life, disfigurement, current and future wages, and even her husband’s loss of consortium. She and her family have closure and peace of mind to move forward.

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