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Miss Bloomingdale's Academy in Irving, TexasIRVING, Texas – In a distressing incident that unfolded at Miss Bloomingdale's Academy in Irving in October 2022, a 2-year-old girl's life was put in danger due to negligence on the part of the daycare center. The mother of the toddler, Veronica Reynolds, has taken legal action by filing a lawsuit against Miss Bloomingdale's Academy, claiming that her daughter was not properly supervised, leading to a disturbing child wandering incident that left the young child traumatized.

What Happened at This Irving, TX Daycare?

According to the lawsuit, the toddler was able to walk out of the classroom, open a back door leading to the playground, and exit the facility without anyone at the daycare center noticing. It wasn't until the end of the day, when the child’s father arrived to pick her up, that daycare workers realized the child was missing. Disturbing video footage showed the toddler crying and attempting to re-enter the center, raising serious concerns about the lack of proper supervision.

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Serious Dangers That Threaten Children Left Alone at Daycare

The playground at Miss Bloomingdale's Academy is located near a busy road and the Trinity Elm Fork River. One section of the playground’s fence had an opening large enough for a toddler to fit through, raising fears of potential dangers, including drowning, traffic accidents, or abduction.

A subsequent state investigation found Miss Bloomingdale's Academy in violation of several daycare safety laws and standards aimed at preventing neglect incidents. The daycare center failed to conduct a proper headcount of children, document their transfer from the playground to classrooms, supervise the children adequately, and maintain playground equipment and fencing.

Representing Veronica Reynolds and her daughter in this case is Russell Button, a Texas daycare injury attorney and founder of The Button Law Firm. Button asserts that Miss Bloomingdale's Academy neglected and endangered the life of an innocent toddler by ignoring multiple state safety laws. He emphasizes that closely watching children is a fundamental part of childcare, and parents should not have to fear for their child's safety at a local daycare center.

"Plain and simple: Miss Bloomingdale's ignored multiple state safety laws that neglected and endangered the life of an innocent toddler," says Russell Button. "Hard-working parents like our client should not have to fear for their child’s safety at a local daycare center, and we are thankful nothing catastrophic happened to her."

How The Button Law Firm Helps Families After a Child is Abandoned at Daycare

In the wake of distressing incidents like the recent case involving a 2-year-old girl abandoned at Miss Bloomingdale's Academy, The Button Law Firm stands as a staunch advocate for families grappling with the aftermath of daycare negligence. If your child has experienced abandonment or neglect at a daycare facility, we want to hear your story. At The Button Law Firm, we are passionate about representing children and their families in cases of daycare-related injuries.

Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring justice and holding negligent daycare centers accountable. Your child's safety is paramount, and we are committed to fighting for the recovery and support your family deserves. Don't let these traumatic experiences go unnoticed – take action today. Contact The Button Law Firm to discuss your potential case, and let us stand by your side in pursuit of a safer environment for all children.

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