Posted on Aug 28, 2023

Dallas Morning News Features Button Law Firm ClientsDALLAS, TEXAS – The Dallas Morning News has featured the story of the five families, being represented by The Button Law Firm, who have filed a lawsuit against Children’s Learning Adventure – Willow Bend. According to the article, a caregiver, Tonya Rush, allegedly hit three and four-year-old toddlers in addition to using fear and intimidation to discipline the children.

The article states that parents claimed Rush, the teacher in charge of the children, used a spoon from the play kitchen meant for the children to “pop” them on the bottom when they misbehaved. The article states that the caregiver threatened that the children’s parents would do the same thing to them at home. According to the article, “Rush said she received no formal job training to work at the center, nor did she have a degree or certification in childcare.”

The daycare, which is located in West Plano near the Willow Bend Mall, was alleged to have taken no action after multiple signs of abuse were present. When the caregiver asked management for help on several occasions, the staff responded by laughing. The article states, “On at least one occasion, Rush was responsible for 15 3-year-olds, the lawsuit says. Under Texas law, that is the maximum number of 3-year-olds per caretaker.”

According to the Dallas Morning News article, other staff members, including the daycare’s director, Taylor Auslender, could hear Rush screaming but didn’t intervene. This is information obtained from the lawsuit filed by The Button Law Firm. When Rush was interviewed by investigators, she revealed that she was struggling with depression and would call religious advisers and other help hotlines during her lunch break at the childcare center. She also sought therapy because she was feeling overwhelmed.

Additionally, the article states that Rush quit her job after being confronted by the daycare staff about the allegations of abuse. The daycare didn’t send an email to parents notifying them of the allegations against Rush – instead, they emailed parents “announcing her departure and extending well wishes.”

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How The Button Law Firm is Working to Help These North Texas Families Move Forward from Daycare Abuse

The parents of these young children were horrified to discover their kids were being harmed by their caregiver. When seeking answers, these parents came to the daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm – a team that is experienced in holding abusive daycares accountable.

Our team at The Button Law Firm reviewed the details of the case and jumped into action to help these families. By filing a lawsuit against Children’s Learning Adventure, our team is working to get justice for these kids and help them move forward past the trauma they endured.

Abuse at daycare is, unfortunately, ongoing throughout Texas. With this lawsuit, The Button Law Firm hopes to send a message to negligent caregivers and daycares throughout the state that abuse and neglect of children will not be tolerated.

How to Contact The Button Law Firm After an Incident of Abuse at Daycare

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