Posted on May 22, 2024

Child suffers eye injury and punctured lip at daycare in DallasThe Incident: A Carrollton Mother's Heartbreak

ELMIRA, New York – In a shocking incident featured by WETM TV, a Carrollton daycare center, LMNOP Children's Academy, is under legal scrutiny following a disturbing injury to a 2-year-old child.

April Marin arrived to pick up her son at the end of the day and found him with the beginnings of a black eye and a swollen, punctured lip. Initially, daycare workers claimed the injuries resulted from the child eating a snack. However, surveillance footage unveiled a more troubling reality. A frustrated caregiver dropped the child onto a nap cot and then yanked it, causing the boy to fall, hit his head, and bite through his bottom lip.

Filing the Lawsuit: The Button Law Firm Takes Action Against Daycare Negligence

April Marin, distraught and seeking justice, filed a lawsuit against LMNOP Children's Academy with the help of The Button Law Firm. According to the feature by WETM TV, the daycare's caregivers not only caused the injury but also attempted to cover it up by providing false information and delaying filing a state-mandated incident report. This failure to adhere to proper protocols further endangered the child and violated Texas childcare laws.

Past Violations: A Troubling Pattern at LMNOP Children’s Academy

WETM TV's feature also sheds light on LMNOP Children's Academy's troubling history of violations. According to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, the daycare has been cited 14 times over the past four years for various infractions. These include failing to promptly notify parents after a child's injury, not reporting situations that put a child's health at risk, using unapproved discipline methods, and neglecting to complete background checks on caregivers. This pattern of negligence highlights the daycare's consistent disregard for the safety and well-being of the children in its care.

The Button Law Firm's Commitment to Accountability

Our team at The Button Law Firm is unwavering in our mission to hold LMNOP Children's Academy accountable for its negligence. "Video footage does not lie and, in this case, revealed the truth about our client's son's injury at LMNOP Children's Academy," said Russell Button, the daycare injury attorney representing Marin. "Attempting to cover up a child's injury can put a child's health at risk if parents are not notified and the child does not receive necessary medical care."

Our firm is committed to ensuring that daycare centers uphold the highest standards of care and integrity. By pursuing legal action against LMNOP Children's Academy, we aim to secure recovery for the affected child and drive systemic changes within the childcare industry to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

The Button Law Firm Advocates for Children and Families

The Button Law Firm is a Texas-based personal injury law firm dedicated to advocating for the rights of children and their families. We have experience in cases involving daycare and child-related injuries such as abuse and neglect cases, bottle warmer burns, traumatic brain injuries, and catastrophic injuries. With offices in Dallas, Houston, and Midland, our experienced attorneys are committed to making local communities safer and ensuring that families receive the justice they deserve.

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