It was very comfortable with Russell. I didn’t know Russell before the initial attorney brought him into the case as it got close to trial. When I was able to meet with Russell, it was easy and he made all the nerves of the case I had go away instantly. I felt very relaxed and cared for. He trusted me that I’m not looking to scam and make a whole bunch of money like a lottery, I just wanted reconciliation and closure.

My thought of lawyers before Russell was that they want to get all the money they can for themselves and that was not the case with the Russell. It was so great that our objectives were the same. I felt safe knowing that we matched in that. I felt comfortable moving forward from that point.

What I liked most was his patience with me and making sure that I was prepared for my deposition. The way he did that was to continually remind me to be myself. That made things easy. His preparation of me for my deposition was amazing. He went over things as much as we needed to go over until I felt comfortable. He never let time be an issue while we were working together on my case.

What I personally liked about Russell is that even though he was a very well educated man, he made me feel like a friend. What would normally feel like a stuffy environment was made so comfortable. He just honestly cares. It was more than him just being my attorney. In fact, we’ve kept in touch since, he didn’t forget about me once it was over.

The expectations were laid out right from the beginning. He said “We’re here to help you get the treatment you need and make sure you were try to recover from this accident”. That felt good to know. It’s was not just about the money. It was honesty. When I walked in, he was honest. He said “Here’s what I am trying to do” and he stuck to what he would say he would do. The communication was outstanding. I felt cared for—that was the most important thing. They did everything they could to get me in a better position. The words “I care for you”-- especially from an attorney -- go a long way.  I would recommend the firm without a question. He’s my attorney for life. They are absolutely a friendly and comforting firm. Russell was a big reason for that.

My overall experience with Russell and his team at The Button Law Firm was outstanding. It was a really good experience. Obviously, I don’t wish a car accident on anyone, but if they were to go through something like that, I would recommend Russell Button and the experience that The Button Law Firm brings.

Jeremy D., Car Wreck Client from Little Elm, Texas